The World Is Your Vibrational Mirror!

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On occasion I have had people ask me “how do I know if what I am offering vibrationally is the right vibration?” The answer to this question is always “You will know if it is right for you by looking at what you are lining up with in your daily life.” Everything in your reality is a reflection of the thoughts, feelings, and actions you have been offering in the recent past. All the things you see, feel, taste, touch, and experience had their origin in vibration first, well before you noticed them as “real” manifestations. Your life, then, is a perfect reflection of what you have attracted through the Law of Attraction, which was summoned through your vibration…which you created as you lived your life. The cycle of think-feel-act and the reflection back to you in “real life” is ongoing, never ending, and perfectly in balance with the forces of the Universe.

But people will say “I don’t want to have the burden or the responsibility to need to direct my thoughts or feelings. I just want to live and not worry about any of this.” And I do think there is value in not over thinking any of this. Law of Attraction is not there for you to worry about, and your vibrational signal is not a part-time tool for you only when you are interested to use it. Law of Attraction simply is a law, like the law of gravity. It works even when you don’t believe in it or understand it. It gives consistent results every time, and you can have fun with it if you see it as an opportunity for growth, rather than something else to put on your “To Do” list.

I like to think about my life as if it was a huge vibrational mirror. Everything I observe as I move through my day is an accurate reflection of my vibration. The people and circumstances reflect my thinking, feeling and acting, and I get to evaluate what I like and what I don’t like about this reflection. The things I like (I have decided) always get more of my attention, while the things I don’t like get less and less of my attention. Many people do it the other way around. They see a reflection that scares or disconnects them, and then they think about it constantly. But as they try to rid themselves of the unwanted reflections, or as they think about them more and more, Law of Attraction multiplies the manifestation until everything seems out of control. Instead, just focus on the things you like in your vibrational mirror, the things that make you feel better, and let the rest wither away.

Finally, if you feel a need to “balance” your life by focusing on the world’s problems, just know that as you give your attention to the problems (while trying to solve them) you will actually be adding power to the manifestations of the problem. You will invite them into your life, and you will attract more and more of the problem to your personal space and reality. I recommend that you focus on the solutions in life. Be for housing, not against homelessness, and be for jobs, not against unemployment. What you vibrate will be reflected back to you. So what do you want to attract in your vibrational mirror? It’s completely up to you, and you get to choose it all. Enjoy this most amazing day!  CHRIS

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