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Sometimes it seems like the things we want don’t come at the same rate or pace. For example, you may want better health and more money, yet you may seem to get over a cold much easier than you expand your bank account. But Law of Attraction works the same way for big things as it does for small things. The main difference is how our practiced thoughts become more and more common in our thinking. Once you practice a thought long enough, YOU begin to believe it, and then Law of Attraction has no problem sending you manifestations to match the beliefs. In other words, when you believe it, you will see it…but to believe it requires some deliberate focus and practiced vibrational allowing.

Getting the knack of manifesting your desires is as easy as holding on to an intention, and then giving it your full attention. You have to believe it will come true, and through trial and error you can convince yourself that Law of Attraction does, in fact, work. I suggest that you start small, and then work your way up to bigger and bigger things. One way that I like to manifest every day is to allow parking spaces to appear for me. Here’s how I do it…

I work at a large University that has unbelievably limited parking for the 35,000 students and 3,000 faculty members looking for a place to leave a car for the day. Paying for a parking pass is just a license to hunt for an empty space, and not a guarantee that one will be available. There was a time when I would experience daily frustration with my inability to park close to my office on campus. I decided to use the Law of Attraction and vibrational allowing to manifest a new condition. Instead of dreading the parking hunt, I decided to use affirmations to change my focus as I neared the campus. Several minutes before I would arrive, I would start saying the following to myself:

  • I always get a parking spot.
  • Spaces always open up for me.
  • I am in perfect timing to get a parking spot.
  • I need not rush or worry because my spot will be available as soon as I arrive.
  • No one can get my spot because it will appear as I approach.
  • My parking is assured. I am in alignment with parking.
  • I am a master at manifesting parking.
  • I can’t wait to see which space opens up for me.
  • A space will probably be waiting for me.

At first, these thoughts and affirmations seemed merely like optimistic and wishful thinking. And at first, parking didn’t open up every time. But as I practiced these thoughts, I began to feel that the words were true. And the next miracle was that parking spaces suddenly started becoming available to me when I needed them. These days, it is a very rare occasion that I don’t just cruise into a spot when I get to campus, and even in the lot closest to my office. I have come to expect that a single spot will be waiting for me. I “see it” opening up as I pull up, and either it is open, or someone is walking to their car to leave as I arrive. Pretty cool. Thank you Law of  Attraction!

This doesn’t work as consistently, however, when I don’t take the time to get into an allowing vibration or think my affirmations before I arrive on campus. If I am hurried or stressed, I am likely to hunt for 20–30 minutes before a space opens up, and usually far from my office. I love the fact that I can make it work 95% of the time if I relax, think deliberately, believe, and attract the space to me.

You can do this too! What do you want? Start small and work your way up to bigger things. Give your undivided attention to your intentions, and get on the road to believing that they will manifest. If you want more money, see small amounts flowing to you. Think multiple thoughts of money flowing to you from everywhere. Believe that it is possible for more money to flow to you. Then as you see evidence of a little money coming in from an unexpected source, affirm that more is on the way. Soon you will have a flood of prosperity being attracted into your experience. Most days I value parking spaces more than money, because no amount of money can get me a space when I need it, but Law of Attraction can make it happen. Today, identify a desire and then just “see it” coming to you in some small way. Play with the feeling of having it. Enjoy the feeling of attracting the things you want with little effort…just deliberate thoughts. You will soon be convinced that your thoughts create your world, and then you will be able to change the world! Enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

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