Choose To Be “It” By Receiving Love And Light From Others!

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I'm a classically trained pianist, organist, flutist and singer who is relatively new to the Law of Attraction. A very good friend and his wife introduced me to LOA, but I've seen it in action many, many times during my lifetime. I enjoy going to dinner, movies, concerts and shows, walks on or by the beach, good conversation and humor. Most days, you'll find me either practicing something, or loving on my cat.

Last week I went to see the movie Eat, Pray, Love with my sister.  If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I would highly recommend it!  A short description of the film, is that the main character (played by Julia Roberts) goes on a year long spiritual odyssey after discovering one day that she is unhappy, and worse, unfulfilled by the life that she says that she was consciously and purposefully a part of creating. Throughout the film are scattered gems of eternal truths and wisdom (including many that directly relate to the Law of Attraction) that have been taught in all of the world’s philosophies and religions. At one point in the film, one of the truths that was taught was called: Choose to be “it.”

Julian Roberts character brought this idea:  “Whenever you think of someone, send them love and light and move forward with your own life.” This resonated within me, because I had heard it many, many times before and have made it my practice to do so with everyone that I have come into contact with. Practicing this concept, interesting things have happened for me over the years.  For one, I began noticing that, for a while, I was feeling very good about the idea of sending someone love and light whenever I thought about them.  In practice, I would get a huge swelling in my breast whenever I did this practice as though I had just done something completely amazing, and that I [here’s the cue] was a better person for doing it.  How smug was I?  After a while, however, I started feeling more and more of a drain on my own energy.  I started thinking “it seems that I give and give and give, and everyone just takes and takes and takes.  Surely this isn’t the way it is supposed to be.”  I kept thinking “I must be doing something wrong, but what could it be?”  Then, this last week, the answer came.

I went on a retreat with a bunch of my colleagues in the San Bernardino Mountains for some workshops, and much needed bonding.  One night, after all the workshops were done, a group of people started playing a game.  Everyone sat in a circle, with one person standing in the center of the circle.  Each person in the circle had a specific gestural sign that they had come up to represent themself, such as pointing their index finger to their nose, smiling widely, touching the rim of their hat with their thumb, etc.  Everyone in the circle showed everyone else in the circle their chosen sign, so that everyone in the group would know everyone else’s sign.  The idea of the game was this:  One person was chosen to be “it.” Another way of saying this is that one person in the circle was chosen to be the person with the “hot potato.”  This was all done while a person standing in the center of the circle had his or her eyes closed.  After the person was selected, the person in the center was then allowed to open their eyes.  The person in the middle of the circle then had to determine who in the group was “it.”

Here’s how it worked:  The chosen person sitting in the circle who was “it” had to pass off “being it” to someone else in the circle without the person standing in the middle seeing them do it. If the person standing in the middle suspected who was “it” they simply could ask “is it YOU?” and if they were right, the caught person became the new person in standing in the middle and the game started over. So the game is all about discretely passing gestures while the person in the middle doesn’t see it. (for those who may want to play this, you pass being “it” to someone by flashing THEIR sign to them, and they accept being “it” by flashing THEIR OWN sign back to you. Then they are “it.”) It takes intense concentration and observational skills for all players to follow who exactly is “it.” I watched this game for several rounds, and even participated in a couple of rounds before retiring to my room for some much needed sleep.

I was drifting off to sleep when all of a sudden, the Universe spoke!!  I wasn’t doing anything wrong in the sending part of my practice of love and light……..I was failing to be a receiver! In this game that I saw, once your sign was shown to you, you needed to show you were receiving it by showing your sign back.  I was sending everyone that I knew, loved and respected, love and light, but I was failing to receive their love and light back in return. This realization took on a whole new perspective for me, as I saw the whole design of what the Universe and even the Law of Attraction was trying to tell me all along.  I saw that I was sending out my desires, requests, and wants, and then was not allowing myself to receive what I was wanting, requesting and desiring.

At that moment, I decided to let in all of the love and light and gifts that not only others were trying to send me all this time, but also that the Universe had been longing to give me for years.  I even discovered that a key important point is to let in the love and light and gifts that my own extension of Source Energy is wanting and desiring to give me.  Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that night, but I arose the next morning completely renewed and ready to receive all of the signs, signals, light and love that we all have to give to each other, as well as receiving all the light and love I have to give to myself.  I decided to Eat, Pray, and Love in a more powerful way. I decided…… be “it.” With love and light to you all, Lee

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