If You Want More Of Something, Give It More Attention!

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Law of Attraction is aptly named. It is a Law because the Universe behaves within its rules always. Law of Attraction is a feature of reality everywhere, no matter where you are or find yourself. The Attraction part means that you draw things to you: people, experiences, tangible items, jobs, lovers, money…literally everything. In fact, everything you have right now is your latest manifestation of Universal Attraction. This also implies that there is no Law of Assertion. Nothing can insert itself into your reality or experience unless you have attracted it and invited it into your experience. I love knowing this, because it helps me hone my results with greater precision. I get to think and feel, and think and feel, and focus my attention and energies…and then watch to see what I have attracted. When I like it, I smile and think and feel the same way. When I don’t like the results, I change my focus quickly if I can.

When I don’t have something that I think I want, I try not to get too worried about it in the present moment. Instead, I enjoy taking the following steps that give me fun and relief in the present. You can do this too:

  1. I identify with more clarity what it is that I want. If it is, for example, more money, then I write down the phrase “I am attracting more money to me.” I become clear in my asking.
  2. I then think about how I will feel once I have this money. Will I feel complete, prosperous, and generous? If I think I would, I spend quiet time alone reaching for the feelings of prosperous, generous and complete.
  3. I then give attention to the desire in my waking, everyday life in small but important ways. I leave bigger tips, give money to people in need, and look for opportunities to help others with my money. Giving 45 cents more on a tip helps me reinforce a feeling of generosity and gratitude. Giving a dollar to a person in need feels prosperous and makes me feel good and complete. Neither costs very much money, but the feeling of prosperity, completeness, and generosity feels good. My attention puts me in an allowing vibration.
  4. I then talk to myself about my wonderful expanded prosperity. I tell myself how much I love having enough money, and I bask in the fun and relief of knowing I have plenty…enough to meet my needs and to give some away too.
  5. I then talk to others about how well things are going for me, and how I know there is plenty of prosperity to go around. I even look for little but true stories of things coming to me, like checks in the mail, or unexpected dividends or bonuses. Even someone giving me a penny they have found on the ground is an opportunity to tell a story of how money flows to me.
  6. I then give myself the intention to dream about expanded resources and riches just before I sleep. I assure myself that my dream will expand my desires, and that I will be in a receiving place when I awake.

When you give this much energy and attention to a subject, and when you let Law of Attraction do the heavy lifting for you, you will soon have the essence of what you have wanted. Your constant attention to the desires summons a powerful Vortex of Attraction that aligns events and circumstances, creating a glorious manifestation of prosperity in the present. You will have attracted new wealth, and you will have summoned this experience to you by the Law of Attraction.

Once you prove to yourself that this really works, you will have no limits as to what you can attract to yourself consciously. You will no longer be a creator by default, and you won’t expect the world to change to make you happy either. You will gain the knowledge and skill to make your life amazing and fulfilling. You will learn to attract anything you want, simply by giving your attention to the subject…and by feeling good while you think about it. Life is supposed to be fun, and what greater fun is there than to have unlimited possibilities in front of you? I can think of only one thing more fun: having the ability to manifest those possibilities, if you choose to do so. Try it and see for yourself. What you think about becomes your reality…it’s really just that simple. Enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

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