“Reality” is Like A Flashlight!

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This morning I woke up with an insight into the Law of Attraction. Picture yourself in a very large, and very dark, room. You can’t see a thing. You reach out, but you can’t touch anything either. (I have been reading Dan Brown’s latest book, “The Lost Symbol” and maybe this is why dark spaces are on my mind) Anyway, in this dark room is a light switch, and with all your might you start looking for it. You find it and switch it on, only to discover that the bright light momentarily blinds you, and you are overwhelmed and can’t see anything. You cover your eyes and switch the light back off. You reach into your pocket and discover that you have a small but powerful flashlight. You turn it on and find that you can point it exactly where you want to see, and your eyes can see just fine. But when you look in one direction, you can only see in THAT direction. You have to pan and point and keep moving to see what is in the room. As soon as you move off an object to see another object, you can’t see the first one anymore. I am sure you can follow this so far. We have all been in the dark before.

Your perception is just like this story. As humans on planet Earth we are not supposed to see the whole room. If we didn’t have a way to focus our attention we would be overwhelmed and not be able to see anything. We have an ability to focus our thoughts in a single direction, like shining a flashlight in a dark room. What ever we shine the light on (or give our attention to) becomes illuminated as part of our “reality.” Whatever we look at becomes our point of attraction, and Law of Attraction tirelessly sends more of the same to our experience.

People who don’t get this will shine their light on all kinds of things that they don’t want more of. They feel it is their duty to “see what’s in the room.” But if you use your focus to look for things you don’t want, or that don’t feel good when you look at them, you are increasing the energy of these things and making them stronger in YOUR reality. Everything is real…that you give your attention to. And there is nothing that can get your attention that you don’t shine your light on. There is nothing lurking in the darkness that is trying to “get you.”

So relax and use your power of focus wisely today. Keep scanning the room until you see things you want to see, and then stay on them for a while. It’s not your job to clean the room, or to keep others from looking at what they want to. Isn’t it great to really know this? Aren’t you grateful and appreciative that this is how the Universe works? I am!! Have fun and enjoy your day. Be.Love, Hannya-GP

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    1. Lee says:

      Great post, Hannya!
      What I like, is that my “flashlight” has an inexhaustible power source and an inextinguishable energy source of light!

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