Let The “Rising Tide” Lift Your Emotional Boat!

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-1963), 35th President of the United States was quoted as saying that “A rising tide lifts all boats.” The proverb he quoted is an excellent one to draw an analogy to Source Energy, your challenges, and the Law of Attraction. When you study the LofA you hear a lot of phrases over and over again. Much of what you hear us discuss, and most of everything you will read at many other LofA websites draws primary information from the ongoing work of Jerry and Ester Hicks, and the Teachings of Abraham. If you haven’t studied their work, it is a must read. In fact The Secret, which is a main-stream movie about the Law of Attraction, is based on their work, even though they decided not to be associated with the movie in the end. You will hear from both these sources that how you feel is everything, and that if you feel good you are moving closer to what you want, and if you feel bad you are moving away from what you want. That is the basis of my discussion today.

Even after I “got it” that I should pay attention to how I feel, I always found a reason to only do it a little. After all, when you have a life to live, a job to do, and a house to run, who has time to just stop and pay attention to how you feel? I mean really?? I felt deeply that someday I would solve my immediate issues and then relax and enjoy my life more…only after I fixed everything around me. At some point I realized that I might need to wait until retirement before I had no excuses, and that day was not coming very soon. So the quandary was: how do I solve my problems all at once so that I can pay more attention to how I feel, and then harness the Law of Attraction to my greatest benefit? The question becomes the answer, and you begin and end in the same place. Here’s how…

“A rising tide lifts all boats.” The tide doesn’t go around lifting each one, as if worrying about missing one. The tide is powerful, and has an immediate effect on all boats. So it is with the Law of Attraction. When you take time to listen to your inner guidance, and really pay attention to your Emotional Guidance System (using the Vibrational Scale as a reference), your connection to Source Energy raises and expands. You need to attend to this connection first, and then see the magic that happens next. The “problems” you had on your mind will either seem smaller, or you will have new insights as to how to solve them. You will receive the gift of inspired action which will help you move through the day in efficient strides that move you ahead. All the “rocks” in your “ocean” will submerge and you will be able to navigate swiftly over them. The rising tide of your connection to Source Energy will lift you up and show you the way. Law of Attraction will put the muscle behind the magic, aligning you with even more of what you want, once you are sailing above the rocks. Don’t try to solve all your problems before you connect to Source. Connect first, through meditation or yoga, or just by being still for ten minutes when you need to. Let the Universe help you solve everything. Your first responsibility is to let the tide come in. Be Well, Marie-GP

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      Thank you Marie. You always inspire me to do better things.

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