The Benefits of Daily Exercise: “Just Do It!”

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Everyone knows that daily exercise is good for the mind and the body. We all understand that fit people are active people. Yet, it can be difficult to get yourself up and out of the house and exercising every day. There are a million excuses NOT to be active, but in reality, none of them hold up under the slightest bit of scrutiny. I had a music teacher once who told me during a percussion lesson: “if you want something done on time, give it to a busy person.” His point was that busy people manage time well, because they have no time to waste. The people who never have enough time, and who never get caught up, and who feel the real stress of time management are often (but not always) the same people who waste a lot of their own time. I have found that the more I think and rationalize about the time I have available for exercise, the less I seem to exercise. But when I go right out…no real debate with myself…I can get out and get going on my fitness regimen. So the first step to benefiting from exercise is to (and stealing a famous advertising phrase) “just do it.”

Next, it is important to remember why we benefit from exercise in the first place. We are all familiar with the oxygenation of the blood, and the lengthening and strengthening of muscle groups. But this is a website about the Law of Attraction, right? How does this all play into health and fitness? Glad you asked! Remember that what you experience is a direct result of the thoughts and vibrations you offer over time. To be healthy, you have to either feel healthy, or offer no resistance toward your wellbeing. We also must remember that contrast creates a desire and an asking that in turn causes your expansion into greater wellbeing. In other words, you can either simply allow your well being by feeling fit and healthy, or you can create an expansion through a particular kind of contrast we will call “exercise!”

This particular kind of self-inflicted contrast (called exercise) is very beneficial and effective. Try it and see what you think. Lace up your sneakers and go for a run. If you feel tightness in your muscle…how exciting…you are creating a body that is tension-free. The improved body now exists vibrationally, and it is yours to allow into your present. Next, you might feel your breath begin to get faster and more shallow. Yippee! That “out of breath” feeling just created a more fit you, because you can’t help but ask for better fitness when you are out of breath. It is yours to allow and manifest! Your interaction with the contrast called exercise is indeed making you more fit…and the powerful asking you do when you feel this physical stress on your body is benefiting you greatly. Just remember to relax and allow the expansion you have created as soon as you recover from your run.

Lastly, remember that the real work of fitness comes from the feeling of fitness, and if you don’t feel fit…you can not achieve fitness. Law of Attraction brings you experiences of fitness when you feel fit, period. As I implied earlier, you can skip exercise and just feel fit, and you will be fit and healthy. But few people can pull off fitness without feeling like they earned it. There is nothing quite like a long run, bike ride, or day of skiing to help one feel worthy of the vibration of fitness. It is probably much easier to “just do it” and be active in terms of letting in a feeling of health. It’s my plan to let my exercise expand my health through physical contrast, and then to relax and appreciate everything in my life. It’s the perfect One-Two punch for me. It will most certainly work for you too. Enjoy this most amazing day! Chris-GP

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    1. Lee says:

      I took your advice and started my yoga and walking regime again! Felt sooooo good!!!!

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