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Recently I had a rare chance to sit in my house and surf the television for a few hours. If you are like me, you can always find something better to do than sitting around for hours. And the TV can really be a “brain sucker” if you get stuck there too long. But now and again, it’s fun to just sit and take in some cable television. I particularly like surfing around and marveling at all the diverse offerings available at the push of a button.

Every show is different, and different shows appeal to different people. I used to judge shows harshly when I felt that they dragged me down emotionally, and I hated shows that made me feel bad. I even would tell people how bad TV was getting, with all the scary shows about violence, commercials about disease, and stories that felt dis-empowering to me. But the real point here is that they felt dis-empowering to me. I can’t feel for anyone else, and I can’t possibly experience how any show feels to anyone other than myself. Today I would like to relate how television, the Law of Attraction, and the Emotional/Vibrational scale are interconnected.

Everything you give your attention to has a vibrational resonance, and as you give your attention to something, your consciousness begins to resonate in a similar way. If you see a happy baby and you decide to watch it for a while, you will start feeling differently than you did before you looked at the happy baby. If you are aware of how you were feeling to start with, you should be able to identify if you felt better or worse after watching the happy baby. And so it is with everything in your reality. You give something your attention, and you move up or down the emotional scale, feeling a little better or a little worse. Law of Attraction doesn’t judge how you feel…rather it reads your vibration and then helps you align with more of the same. Simply put, you get more of what you give your attention to, and how you feel gives you all the clues you need about what is on the way. When you feel good, all you consider to be good is flowing to you from all directions. When you don’t feel good, you may be attracting manifestations that will create a strong desire for better conditions.

It’s easy to believe that you have to feel good all the time, but this simply is not true. What you need to do is notice how you feel in the present, and then take steps to feel better. When you move up the Vibrational Scale, you get several benefits. First, you feel better, and it feels good to feel better. Secondly, you begin resonating at higher and higher vibrations, and Law of Attraction starts helping you align with the things you want once you get in the range of “hopeful” and above. Feeling better is all you need to focus on, and knowing this, you can watch TV in a more playful and fun way. Here’s how I do it:

I surf and feel and surf and feel, and I notice how the content of any program changes my vibration. But depending on where I am vibrating, different content makes me feel better. For example, the other day I clicked to a comedy special documenting the life of Lewis Black. I like Lewis Black, so I stayed and watched it. If you know his style, he rants and raves and gets really angry in his act. If you refer to the Emotional/Vibrational Scale you will see that you can feel a whole lot of emotions that feel worse than anger, such as Revenge, Hatred, Rage, Jealousy, Insecurity, Guilt, Unworthiness, Fear, Grief, Powerlessness, and even Depression. Lewis Black’s anger made me laugh and feel better, so I was probably ready to move up toward anger when I started watching. But after a while, I moved higher than anger, toward feelings of Irritation, Pessimism, Hopefulness, Happiness, and even Appreciation. Once I got far above anger, his comedy wasn’t as powerful to help me feel better, and at that point I decided to change the channel and search for content that felt more like appreciation. But his show was perfect for a while, because it helped me move up the Vibrational Scale.

Today notice a little more how the things you give your attention to change your Vibrational Set Point. Notice that everything makes you move up, down, or stay the same on the Scale. When you feel better, keep giving your attention to the same or similar things. Once you move beyond the vibration of the experience, move on. If you feel yourself moving down, focus on something else. When you can’t observe something that makes you feel better, just use the power of your imagination to create it. Soon, you will be attracting amazing things that you have wanted for a long time. All you have to do is feel better, and Law of Attraction will bring you face-to-face with more of the same. Enjoy your TV, and enjoy this most amazing day! Chris-GP

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