How To Explain Law Of Attraction To Others!

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If you are relatively new to the Law of Attraction, you are probably excited to share the concepts, insights, and tools with others. Nothing is more fun than experiencing first hand that you can be, do, or have anything you want. When you focus on something deliberately, and then it manifests in your life, you fully understand the power of this amazing Law. In fact, it seems like there are three steps that people new to Law of Attraction go through: Introduction to the concepts, putting them into successful practice in their daily life, and then wanting to let others know how to do it too. And Law of Attraction works for each individual equally, and doesn’t depend on having a critical mass of people for it to work. In that sense, there is no obligation to get others to use the Law to their benefit…but each person has an opportunity to align with the Law if they choose to.

If you have friends that have never heard of Law of Attraction, then explaining it can be very confusing for both you and for them. Here is one relatively simple way to attempt to explain it, and if you like it you can try it out on a friend. Let me know if it works:

Law of Attraction is a Universal Law that is much more powerful than the Law of Gravity. You don’t need to believe in it…it just is. It works all the time, even if you don’t know it is. You are always attracting things into your experience through the Law of Attraction. Everything you see, touch, taste, smell, and hear comes to you because you are attracting it to you. Job offers, relationships, parking spaces, and everything in your experience is the result of your personal vibrational attraction. Think of yourself like a huge magnet that can focus and attract anything you want. Instead of attracting metal objects, you attract your personal reality. You can (and often do) attract by default however, pointing at all kinds of things that you don’t necessarily want. When these things come to you it feels like someone or something inserted them into your experience, because you didn’t consciously want those things…you just attracted them without realizing you were doing it. Once you awaken to the knowledge that you are always attracting with the Law of Attraction, you can start pointing your reality magnet toward the things you truly want. By giving your full attention to what you want to attract, you will see a shift in your life, and what you have been attracting will shift too. Doors will open that were once closed, and experiences you once dreamed of will snap, little by little, into your daily reality.

And if this explanation still seems too wordy and complicated, try this one instead: Law of Attraction works by giving you more of whatever you habitually think about.

The essence is the same. Enjoy creating this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

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