Consider Making Your Vocation Your Vacation!

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The Chinese philosopher Confucius (551-479 BCE) is often attributed the quote “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” There is so much wisdom in this saying, and it seems to be a major component of living a happy life with purpose. When you love your job, every day is a day filled with growth and expansion. You are able to commit yourself to being present because you don’t have the distraction of wishing you were somewhere else, or wishing away the time while you feel bored and unengaged. There are few (if any) jobs that don’t have some aspect of “have to’s” associated with them. But I know that loving your job spills over into everything else you do, and the happiest people I know seem to have fulfilling and meaningful work that they like to one degree of another.

But what about if you don’t love your job, or what if you really dislike your job? You have two choices. You can use this feeling of unhappiness to launch a new desire for a better job, and then you can be ready to act when the time for inspired action arrives. Or you can just complain, tell a sad story to anyone who will listen, and whip up an amazingly disconnected feeling every time you think of your work. Obviously only the first choice is the productive choice. But it can be difficult to see something positive inside something you have whipped up to a negative feeling/vibration.

Remember that the Law of Attraction can only bring you more of what you have, so it is never in your best interest to perpetuate a story that feels bad. Instead, you have to tell a different story to anyone who will listen. You have to look for the small things you love about your job that you might have been subconsciously ignoring. Take these small things and turn them into BIG things. For example, you may not enjoy attending meetings in your job. Instead of waking and dreading the day because of a 1:00 PM meeting you have to attend, be grateful for the coffee break you will have with your friend at 10:00 AM. Create an inner dialogue that is playful, even for tasks that are repetitive. I know that when I have to, say, stuff 1,000 envelopes I find some sort of game to play, with my own made-up rules and with crazy goals that make me laugh. To someone watching, it looks like I am just going about my business and working. But my inner thinking is amusing me to no end. If you hate your job, remember that you have the real power to sustain that vibration or to change that vibration. You can make your vocation your vacation, with just a little change of focus and with a little bit of redirection in your inner speak.

And here’s the most important part of all of this. If you are stuck in a job you dislike, and you find a way to love it and enjoy it…it’s highly likely that you will be offered another job that you like even more. When you hate your job, the Law of Attraction will keep you in it because it matches you with more of what you are experiencing. You may be fired, but you will attract another job you hate. So if you choose (right now) to love your job more, then more opportunities for work you enjoy will be made available to you in very short order. Do what you love and love what you do…as much as possible…and let the magic or your life take a firm hold and amaze you with every turn. Enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

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    1. This would not be as bothersome if LoA advocates didn’t hype it as
      the only directing principle of truth, ie, there are no other physical laws.

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