Receiving Is As Powerful as Giving!

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For a whole summer when I was a teenager, I remember walking the beach at sunrise every morning with a good friend who was about fifty years older than I was. She would pick me up early in the morning, and we would stroll the beach just being grateful and talking about life in general. It was a very connected way to start the day. Afterward we would usually pop in for a quick and cheap breakfast at a local cafe.

I was so appreciative of the time, and I wanted to show it by picking up the tab for breakfast. I picked up the tab for the first several times, and then one day she stopped and insisted that I NOT pay so that she could pay. I resisted. She finally said to me that “she who pays has the power of giving, but she who receives has the power of receiving.” I was stopped in my tracks because I never thought of receiving as a powerful act. It was then and there for the first time that I realized my lack of practice around receiving.

It was hard for me to not pay. It was difficult to enjoy letting her pay…I felt slightly guilty. Over the years I have come to balance giving and receiving in my life. When I pay (or donate. or give my time, etc.) I do it in full appreciation for the good it brings to others. And when I receive, I receive fully, without guilt or shame or worry, the amazing gifts being offered. It is truly powerful to open yourself up to receiving. And bear in mind that receiving can take place all day (not just in the form of money) through smiles, positive interactions, or compliments from others. Receive with your full power. I am grateful for that early experience, and I appreciate the wisdom it has brought to my life. Perhaps you have had an experience like this one? We would like to read it if you are willing to share it. Be.Love today! Hannya-GP

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