Ten Reasons Why I Am Grateful Today!

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Author: Hannya (35 Articles)

Hannya is a Contributing Author at Gratitude Planet, a fun and connected being, and an avid dog lover.

Today I offer a short list of Gratitude and Appreciation for the Thanksgiving weekend. I hope it inspires you to do the same. Be.Love, Hannya-GP

1. I had a great breakfast, complete with my favorite beverage.

2. I was able to exercise, and it felt soooo good!

3. I spent some quality time with my sister.

4. I easily completed all the work I had on my plate.

5. I took a nap.

6. I appreciated the weather…sunny and warm today.

7. I enjoyed the comfort of my condo and the peaceful feeling it gives me.

8. I talked to people close to me.

9. I had thought about how wonderful tomorrow will be as well.

10. I am able to communicate all this to all of you. GP Logo Medium 21

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    1. Lee says:

      11. We have devices that allow us to read this. : )

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