You Can Get There…But Not From Here!

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There is an old New England joke that goes something like this! STRANGER TO LOCAL: “Good morning sir. Do you know how to get to Bar Harbor?” (pronounced “Bar-har-bur”) LOCAL TO STRANGER: “Yup, I do…but you can’t get there from here.” (pronounced “they-ah from hee-ah”) The joke is funnier when you realize that there are some places in Maine that are close by across the water, but much farther by car. In essence, you have to drive somewhere else first to get there directly. The phrase makes perfect sense of another truth regarding the Law of Attraction: You can’t get to a new place (vibration, manifestation, etc.) from where you are…you have to become a match to the new vibration first.

Think about the things you are wanting to attract into your life: health, wellbeing, a new relationship, prosperity, a new job…whatever it may be. You can’t get there from here. The reason you don’t have it is because you are vibrating (sending out a signal to the Universe) as a person without it. You may be confused at this point because of all our posts about being present and living in the NOW. You may ask “how can I live in the now and hold a vibration different than the one I have now?” Indeed, this is a paradox. The trick is letting yourself feel the feeling of being or achieving the new thing in this moment. This is different than seeing yourself achieving or being this thing in the future. Another way to think of this is to realize that you are not attracting something new to you, but you are instead changing into a new person who has the new thing. When you say “I’ll be different when I have money,” the implication (vibration) is “I have no money.” You can’t get there from here.  But you can allow yourself to feel prosperous NOW, and to feel like the new person NOW, and to take action like a prosperous person NOW, and to be in a new vibration of prosperity NOW. You will have moved from here to there, to a place where you can feel like the new person with the new and present vibration, and Law of Attraction can then bring the full manifestation into your awareness very quickly. Be willing to change, and be playful about your thoughts. Linger in feelings that feel good while you think them. Even a little shift from where you are, into a direction of where you would rather be, will harness the Law of Attraction in very powerful ways. Try this approach and let us know what you experienced. Enjoy this most amazing day. Chris-GP

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    1. Lee says:

      I have a question:
      I know you can’t get there from here…..but can you get here from there?? ; )

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