Source Energy Is Calling! Is Your Ringer On?

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Author: Marie Gee (26 Articles)

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Anyone with a cell phone has had the experience of having it ring in a place where it should be turned off. Places like concerts, funerals, meetings, and meditation sessions are good examples of times that you really need to shut off your ringer. Having your phone go off in a bad time and place is annoying to you, and to the people around you too. Still, some people don’t want to take a chance that they might miss an important call. For some, a missed call represents a lost opportunity, a possible permanent disappointment they will never live down. I, on the other hand, don’t care if I miss calls. If it’s important I know they’ll call back. You have probably felt different ways at different time on this one.

Source Energy is calling you. Did you know that? You asked the Universe to change your life in a very important way the last time you experienced an uncomfortable experience of contrast in your life. You sent a huge request for your life to be better, more fun, expanded, and more joyful, and the Universe heard you, and Source is now calling you forward to receive it. Can you hear this call? Is it a good time for you to take this call? Is your ringer off? Do you think Source will call back?

The Law of Attraction has been organizing people, events, and circumstances to aid in the perfect unfolding of your asking. Let’s say you asked for a new job. Your present job, in all it’s crappiness, caused you to say “I want a better job. I want a great boss and fun and fulfilling tasks to play with all day.” Great! Then you did your best to align with the new vibration by enjoying the work you already have as much as you could. Great! You didn’t tell your old story, but you began telling your new story more and more, to the point that it feels like the true story, more than the “real” one. Great! So why aren’t you taking calls from “Source?” Source Energy on line one!

You might be being called to do little things that seem to make little difference, but can you hear the call? What might these calls sound like? In this example for a new job, the words being transmitted to you might sound like “wait for the next train” or “talk to that person” or “call that number you saw on the poster” or “visit that website” or “take a long walk right now” or “make that vision board” or “be kind to that person” or “attend that event” or anything that feels like a call to inspired action. If you aren’t taking these calls, you might never even hear the meaning of the feeling behind the inspiration. If you just ignore it, you might hear the words, but write them off as silly, like “I never do that.” Source will call you toward the perfect circumstances that Law of Attraction has organized for you, but you have to respond to the call. Turn your ringer on.

The beauty of all of this is that you can’t stop Source’s call to you. You can ignore it, but the call continues, consistently and constantly. It never gives up. So when you are ready and willing, pick up on this calling, and let the magic of your inspired life blossom fully into your awareness. Be Well, Marie-GP

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    1. Billy says:

      I have a question:
      Suppose you answer every call that you pick up on, or “hear”, only to find out that it was the wrong choice? Another way of saying: What if you do and give as much as you can because you feel source leading you to do it and that it’s the right thing to do, only to find out it was the completely wrong direction to take and you’re left to feel empty, unfulfilled and even taken advantage of? Is there a counter source energy out there that can lead you down a path you really shouldn’t go?

      Just asking. : )

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