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As a human on Planet Earth, you are certain to have both good and bad days. The good days are fun, and the bad days can really feel bad. When you feel good, the Law of Attraction is kicking in to align you with people, events, and circumstances that you have been asking for and wanting over time. When you feel bad you will be attracting people, events, and circumstances that match your vibration of disconnection. Another way to say this is that “good days get better and bad days get worse.” No matter how you feel you are always attracting, so feeling better helps you manifest more and more of what you desire. But as you have probably noticed, feeling better when you feel bad can take some deliberate effort because you are not in the vibrational range of connection…at least not in that moment.

An old saying goes like this: “Every cloud has a silver lining.” When you feel bad, the world can feel like a big, gray cloud. But there is always a possibility of finding the best in any moment or situation, and gratitude is an excellent tool for moving from feeling bad to feeling better. When you use gratitude to start moving up the vibrational scale, you should start small and think of the most basic thing that is going well for you. Perhaps the fact that you are alive and breathing feels like a better thought, and if it does, bask in the feeling of your “aliveness.” Maybe your most recent meal…maybe the one you are eating right now…is worth being grateful for? Enjoy the taste and texture of the food, and ponder how the vitamins and nutrients are feeding your body and soul.

Each individual knows best what they are grateful for, and taking time to count your blessings will give you some relief from a bad day every time. And sometimes all we need during a bad day is to pause, shift a bit, pivot, and move in a slightly different vibrational direction. Gratitude is your best tool for improving a bad day, and with practice, you can be feeling better and better until you actually feel pretty good most of the time. Once you feel good more and more of the time, you can spend more time in the vibrations of love, appreciation, and even bliss!

Every cloud does have a sliver lining, and you can find it if you look for it. Say “Thank You” more often, and let yourself be grateful for the things you already have. I am grateful for our readers and contributors, and I wish you the most amazing and connected day ever! Chris-GP

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