Forget “Keeping Up With The Joneses”…Keep Up With Yourself!

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Sometimes we look around at other people and we get the feeling that we should be experiencing our world in the same way that they are. This is the classic “keeping up with the Joneses” syndrome where you never feel like your life is as good as someone else’s life. Because Law of Attraction gives you more of what ever you focus upon, is it not to your advantage to look at anyone this way, because you can’t help but feel bad comparing the two experiences. A lot of stress and disconnection is created by people who strive to keep up with everyone else. The truth is, you can’t keep up with anyone else when it comes to creating your own reality and attracting joy into your life. What you think you see others experiencing in their own lives is simply a manifestation of what they have attracted and allowed. YOU are doing the same, and you are receiving based on your personal vibrational alignment with who you have become. When you strive to be in alignment with a vibration you have not expanded into, only frustration and disconnection can be your experience.

Not keeping up with others is a good idea. Not keeping up with yourself is a bad idea. Every time you experience contrast in your life, you know what you don’t want, and you define more clearly what you DO want. When you define what you DO want, your vibrational self takes on an expansion that equals the degree of the asking. In other words, if you get really, really sick, vibrationally you become very, very healthy. At this point you are not going to feel good at all, because there are literally TWO yous: the sick one and the healthy one. These two vibrations do not match, and your emotional guidance system will tell you that there is discord in your vibration with yourself. You will feel like crap. The only real choice you have, if you want to be a joyful and expanding human on planet Earth, is to keep up with yourself, and give your full attention to becoming a vibrational match to your healthy self. You can’t undo what you have become, by the way. You either align with it, or you feel bad. Simple. Change (for the better) or suffer where you are until you are so unhappy that you are pushed to change somehow. Why not save yourself the struggle and give your full attention to matching your own vibrational expansion?

So in summary, you can never align with someone else’s vibrational expansion, because it isn’t yours. Don’t bother trying to keep up with what others have created. Instead, pay close attention to who you have become, and stand ready to be like the latest and greatest version of YOU! Just by living and experiencing life you have helped create the very best version of who you can possibly be right now. Relax, make peace with where you are, and notice how you feel. If you feel good (or better) you are aligning vibrationally with the new you. Just keep up with you. May you fully enjoy this most amazing day, and Happy New Year to Everyone in the GP Community!  Chris-GP

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    1. Lee says:

      Good advice. Thanks Chris.
      Happy New Year to you too!

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