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There have been time in my life where I didn’t feel as good as I could have. You must certainly feel the same way. But when these times are upon you, and when you feel that there is no bliss on your emotional radar, don’t worry. There is no risk to you here on planet Earth in that you will always experience contrast and connection. You will always have times when you feel good and times when you feel bad. All is well. What I want to remind you of today is how good, good feels. Good feels really good, and the most important thing to remember is that no mater how how feel, you can always feel better by reaching for the best thought you have access to. Here’s one way that I practice this:

If I am going through my day and then I suddenly realize that I am disconnecting from Source Energy (I can tell because I am irritated or basically pissed off about something), my first step is simply to acknowledge what is happening. I don’t try to fix it, nor do I beat myself up for the way I feel. Instead, I ride out the feeling and I do my best to truly feel it while it is happening. Once I notice it and ride it for a little while, feeling it and simply observing, I wait for it to loose some of it’s energy. That’s right…as long as I don’t feed it with thoughts that feel worse, it is going to run its course and dissipate a little.

Once my pissy attitude has let down a little, then I have the opportunity to clean it up. What I do is look for any thought that feels better than the one I was just thinking. If I was really upset, this first thought will not sound great to an outside observer. It might be a thought of hatred, anger, revenge, or whatever feels better than what I was feeling in the first place. But I continue to reach and feel, and observe and reflect. In little time, I start feeling optimistic again, and then I am off to the races!

Once I get hold of an optimistic thought, then I have access to tons of thoughts that actually feel good. I can then move into gratitude, expectation, belief, happiness, passion, love, appreciation, and even bliss. And once my day moves into a thought-feeling of “Optimism” or higher, then everything seems to start falling together in a positive way. I develop perfect timing, and I become really productive in my job or tasks for the day. Law of Attraction works all day, every day, no matter how you feel. It simply lines you up to experience life according to how you feel on average. So if you think and feel, and think and feel, and reach for thoughts that are optimistic, Law of Attraction will match the vibration and expand your experience to the level of optimistic. Life simply works out, and you become one of the “lucky” people that seem to be in the right places at the right times.

So if you feel less than optimistic, no worries. Feel your feelings, let them be what they are, don’t pile on and make it worse or beat yourself up…and then reach for the relief of a better-feeling thought. It feels bad to feel bad, and it feels oh so geed to feel good. You have the choice to experience your life the way you want it to be. So today, climb your way up to feeling good, because good feels…well…Good!

Happy New Year, and please…Be.Love today! Hannya-GP

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      HAHAHA….I LOVE the face!!! It epitomizes graphically how I feel sometimes!

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