5 Steps to Turning The Emotional Corner

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When you are living fully through the Law of Attraction, you have to pay attention to how you feel. When you feel good, you are drawing to you things you have asked for. If you feel bad, you are holding yourself apart form the things you want to create in your life. This doesn’t mean that you will never feel bad…you will…every day. But when you feel negative emotion you can turn it back around to a positive emotion. The key is becoming aware of resistance in your vibration. Try using these five steps to stay a match to what you are asking for through Law of Attraction:

1. Notice pain or stiffness in your body. When you notice it, turn the emotional corner and breathe into the pain or stiffness. See yourself adding light and love and gratitude into the stiff area. Imagine it releasing and relaxing. This really works if you stop and really do it, I promise.You will feel better.

2. Notice how you talk to yourself. As you move through the day, pay attention to the words you use to talk to yourself. Do you praise your actions and feelings, or do you “talk down” to yourself? Do you say “nice interaction…I have perfect timing” or do you more often say “hey dummy, that was a stupid thing to do.”? If you are not being kind to yourself, turn the emotional corner by affirming that you aren’t perfect, and that you are doing the best you can. Change words that criticize into words that uplift. Let your view of yourself match the view that your inner being has about you. Your inner being loves you and knows you are exactly where you need to be right now. You will feel better.

3. Notice how you talk directly to others. Your vibration is also affected by the way you interact with others directly. Are you kind and uplifting to the people you see everyday? It’s easier to be kind to friends and family as opposed to the annoying cashier at the market. But your vibration (and emotional state) depends on how you handle the annoying people too. Can you find something to like about them? Can you see yourself in them somehow. Turn the emotional corner by giving them credit for who they are, and by feeling grateful for the service they are providing to you. You will feel better.

4. Notice how you talk with others ABOUT others. It is easy and tempting for two people to put down a third person, especially if that person is not present to hear it. It can feel good to agree with a friend that another person is ugly, stupid, inappropriate, or incompetent. But if you say these things, the experience won’t raise your vibration much, and soon you will feel the lowering of your vibration too. Turn the emotional corner by refusing to criticize others, even when someone is egging you on. The best way to do this is to start saying nice things about the person instead of degrading things. Or just don’t say anything at all. You will feel better.

5. Notice when you are clumsy. This is a real step. A sign of your disconnection can come through stubbing a toe, dropping a glass, hitting your head while turning, or by spilling a cup of hot coffee. When these things happen, stop and turn the emotional corner by affirming that you have some negative emotion activated. Simply take a deep breath and feel gratitude for your inner guidance that let’s you know when you are disconnected. Say “thanks” and move ahead a little more slowly and thoughtfully. Maybe you can also stop and close your eyes and collect yourself as well. Forgive yourself for attracting the spill, accident, or clumsiness, and move on ahead with confidence and humbleness. You will stop the chain of weirdness and you will surely feel better!

Try these ideas today. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you liked this post. Lisa

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