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There are times when we all feel like we are in what I call a “cycle of sameness.” You start the day, and it feels like the same day you lived yesterday, which felt like the day before that, and so on and so on. And even though it feels at times like things are not changing, in reality, things are always changing. However, it is possible to be in a vibration that feels like things are not changing…yet things are changing…to the same thing! You might say that if things are changing to the same thing, they aren’t really changing at all. But there is a slight and very meaningful difference between staying the same and changing to the same thing.

If it was possible to live in a reality that didn’t change, then you would need to muster the energy to pull yourself out of a stall and get things changing. It would be like you are a rock climber that needs a rope to ascend a peak. All your efforts, and maybe a little help from others, would be required to get moving again. But you are not a rock climber who is stuck on a ledge…not at all.

In contrast to this, think of yourself as an adventurer in a canoe on a river that is moving moderately fast. In order for you to feel like things are not changing, you need to paddle against the stream and keep your eyes on the shore. You have to keep up the work, and focus on what you are doing, just to stay in the same place. But the water beneath you continues to move, and while it looks the same to you, everything is changing around you. If you want to experience a feeling of change, you can either stop paddling, or turn around and paddle down the stream instead.

This analogy makes sense if you connect your thoughts and vibrational energy to the work you do paddling in the stream. If you feel stuck, then you have developed patterns of thinking and feeling that haven’t changed in a while. You may be making assumptions about reality that you do not need to. You may be working to justify your point of view in your thoughts, feelings, and actions. The stream is always flowing, and you can always choose to go with the flow at any moment.

Going with the flow means letting go of the struggle. It means being open to thinking in new patterns. It means reaching for thoughts that feel better and better. But a thought you have thought over and over for a long time can feel like an inescapable anchor, because vibrations gain significant momentum over time. So sometimes it is easier to change your actions as you begin to change your thoughts.

One way to change your actions is to simply observe what actions you habitually do every day. Do you brush your teeth before you shower? Do you always do certain things is certain ways? Start mixing it up and see how you feel. Today, shower before you brush your teeth. Take the stairs in stead of the elevator. Call a friend who you haven’t talked to in a while. Meditate for ten minutes. Take a walk. Find ways to change your patterns of action, and then start to observe how making these changes affects how you feel. And don’t be surprised if the pattern change is less comfortable at first. As Law of Attraction matches your new vibration, you will see the world around you change, and new and exciting events will be more apparent to you. You will begin to be inspired to follow new paths, and you will feel better and better as you make these new journeys.

There is always the next step in our eternally-unfolding experience. Embrace it, open to it, and let yourself enjoy the motion forward. All it takes is a little willingness to grow and change. Enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

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    1. Chris says:

      Yes, I think that is part of it. You decide that how you feel and the patterns of your thinking and acting are totally within your control, and you make a conscious choice to be more and more aware. To make any change, you have to align with a vibration. To change a vibration you need to be open to change. There is no end, so there is no risk. You can get to anywhere from where ever you are. So allowing yourself to change is very empowering, and puts you in the driver’s seat, so to speak. Thanks for the question. Be Well, Chris

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    2. Lee says:

      Is this what is meant by becoming a “deliberate creator?”

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