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When you decided that you wanted more money and prosperity in all areas of your life, you probably came to that conclusion through not having enough. In fact, the less you have, the stronger your asking becomes. When you ask strongly through the experience of contrast, you create and draw to you the perfect solution in proportion to the asking. The circumstances that caused you to want more don’t magically disappear once you have asked strongly and the Universe has answered, however. There is always a buffer of time between the asking and the receiving. This is a good thing, because if there was instant manifestation, the world would be a chaotic place of drastic changes and you would not have the security of aligning with the vibration in real time.

And aligning is what your job is…once you have asked. So you realize that your money is running out, and you ask for more, and then you feel better, and then…BAM…an unexpected bill comes in the mail. And then you spiral downward into the asking vibration again. You might even pile on and reinforce the feeling with words “I’ll never get out of this mess,” or “what’s the use, I am destined to be broke forever.” These words are a natural outpouring in a step one, asking moment. But your job is to reach for statements that feel a little better, and to see if you can move closer to the receiving of the prosperity.

Receiving anything is connected to your ability to feel as if you have it NOW. You must do your best to imagine it, talk about it, take actions related to it, and enjoy the feeling of having it…in the present moment. Law of Attraction matches you with whatever you are vibrating, and you can’t receive your prosperity when you are so very aware of NOT having enough. But how do you feel like you have enough when you clearly don’t have enough? It’s all about feeling better.

If you are depressed about not having more money, see if you can feel angry about it for a few minutes. If anger is achieved, reach for something…anything…that gives you some relief. Maybe worry feels better. Only you know for sure. But keep reaching. The emotional/vibrational scale looks something like this:

Positive Expectation/Belief

Once you feel yourself getting to at least hopeful, you are nearing the place where Law of Attraction can bring you what you have asked for. When you get into this range, I recommend that you fuel it a bit with some specific affirmations that help you maintain the feeling, and that even increase it to a better-feeling level. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. I always have enough money. When I am in need, something comes through at exactly the right time.
  2. Unexpected income is speeding toward me right now. I fully accept this fact and receive the gifts today.
  3. I am always provided for in every way. I am content and expectant. I know good things are on the way right now.
  4. I expect to see evidence of my new prosperity today. I will look and see this evidence, no matter how small.
  5. I bless my path today, and I expect more to come to me. I am open to receiving gifts beyond my wildest dreams.
  6. I have asked, and now I allow my well being. I feel ready to receive strongly right now.
  7. Bills or no bills, I love this life, and I relax into my prosperity. All is well.
  8. I am grateful for my perfect timing in all things. My expanded income is rushing into my consciousness. I am rich in so many ways right now.
  9. Love and light and expansion are who I am. I am ready to receive expanded riches and wellness.
  10. My work is done. I relax and allow money to flow to me. I act on inspiration as I feel it. I am powerfully connected to my wellness.

When you repeat these words, let yourself enjoy their vibrational pull. Don’t doubt it, but rather enjoy the feeling of having everything you want right now. Be childlike in your imagination. Have fun with it. The bills should not keep you from feeling better right now, and if you allow and let this process work for you, a vibrational manifestation of prosperity MUST be your experience. It is Universal Law. Once you feel better, the “real world” will shift and you will see hard and fast evidence of your creation through the contrast. Let it happen, don’t doubt it, and be well and prosperous today. Chris-GP

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    1. Lee says:

      You know, it’s weird. I was thinking almost this exact train of thought just the other day. I could almost visually see how the detail of my life change in real time, depending on what thoughts I was focusing on; whether I believed it was here now, or there later.
      Thanks Chris. And I LOVE the picture at the end of the post! AWESOME!!!!

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