Optimisim Is A Choice!

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Today I would like to bring you some tips for using optimism to your advantage. Optimism is a key tool in harnessing the full power of the Law of Attraction, and it is nothing more than being picky about the thoughts you choose to think. Each person has a vibrational range, and this range is determined by the average feeling or vibrational content of the thoughts you have been thinking. If you haven’t read the GP post on Using the Emotional Scale, you may want to read it first by clicking HERE. You only have access to thoughts that are close to your vibrational range, so trying to feel optimism when you are feeling doubt is next to impossible to do. But I like optimism as a default “go to” vibration for several reasons. Even if you are in the vibrational range of doubt, your job is to find the best thought that you have vibrational access to. Instead of having to remember what emotional label is above doubt (in this case it is disappointment) I reach for “an optimistic thought” in my range, which might move me into a little higher vibration. I find this easier to do (at least for me) than trying to feel disappointment. I reach for “optimistic doubt” and I land in something that feels better than doubt. From there, I do the same thing again and find some thoughts that could be called “optimistic disappointment,” even if I don’t use that label.

I believe that optimism is especially powerful because it includes a reference to both sides of the issue: the glass is half full, or it is half empty. It helps you choose to focus on the side of the issue that tells a better story. It looks objectively at something and makes the most out of it. It is a launching pad for climbing the emotional scale on any issue. It recognizes the choices you have with two distinct paths, one that leads you closer to where you want to be, and one that leads you away from your desired emotional destination. It is the opposite of delusional; it is grounded and realistic while still being a reach on the vibrational scale. (Incidentally, you can make a good case for the concept of being delusional too, forgetting about “reality” completely and giving thought only to your goal. Many successful people call this “being focused.”)

Do you consider yourself to be an optimist? I know some people that pride themselves on being a self-described “devil’s advocate” and finding the fault in any idea, plan, or brainstorm. They feel that they play an important role in the conversation by bringing everyone down to a realistic level. But they actually do themselves a disservice by lowering their own emotional set point of vibration, which inevitably keeps them feeling worse and worse. The “important role” of pessimist keeps them from manifesting their desires and askings, and their Source will never take a pessimistic view of anything…so they live out of alignment with their own inner being.

Notice today what your thoughts and words feel like. Are they optimistic or pessimistic? Do your thoughts and words lead you to feelings that feel better or feelings that worse?  Just notice. If you find that you inject part your day with pessimism, acknowledge that optimism is a choice, just as pessimism is also a choice. Each can be practiced just as easily as the other. In every moment you can choose to see the best, or the worst. You can reach for the best thought you can find, or you can reach for the worst thought you can find. It’s all up to you, and by paying attention you will be empowered to choose more consciously today. I truly believe you will do great things today, and I know you will feel better and better as the day goes on. May you find joy in every moment in this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

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