It’s Fun To Define Your Personal Preferences!

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I am a visual artist from Maine. I love skiing and white water rafting. I am currently a watercolor freak.

When I want my computer to support what I need it to do more easily, I open up the “preferences” pane and customize how it behaves. I love this feature. The only time I need it is when I am frustrated by something. For example, when I open a new word document and the font has to be changed, I can tell the computer to change it automatically for me the next time. I like that I have the option for my “preferences” on my computer. It makes my computing experience more fun and personalized. Did you know that you have your own set of “preferences” in your vibration too? Here’s how it works, in a nutshell: You live your life, some things go really well and some things don’t go quite as well. In both cases, you set your vibrational preferences based on your experience. Your “good” events help you ask for more of the same, and the events that feel bad help you ask for the opposite of the experience. If someone treats you badly, it’s like you open up the preferences pane and set your system to “I want people to treat me nicer.” When you run out of money, you set your preferences automatically to “I really want more money.” Life causes you to want, and you send out your preferences automatically to the Universe where it is heard by your inner being and Source energy.

You might wonder, then, why your experience doesn’t change every time you define your new preferences. When I set a new font on my computer, you might say, it stays changed until I change it again. This is true for your computer, and it is also true for you…sort of. You see, you are not an “on and off/black and white” device. You are a vibrational being that is always experiencing what the Law of Attraction is lining you up with. The LoA is responding to the most practiced thoughts you have been thinking. When you set a new preference for more money, you are setting more money into motion for you immediately. It’s like ordering from the internet. The deal is done as soon as you order it. But it takes time for the order to be picked, handled, put on a truck, and delivered to your door. For the Law of Attraction (or the US mail in this case) to bring it to you, you simply have to stick with your preferences and NOT cancel the order! Can you image how silly it would be to order, say, a pair of shoes on line, and then call to cancel it, and then reorder it, and then cancel it, and then reorder it…and then blame the company for not bringing it to you quickly? That is pretty much what you are doing sometimes if your preferences are not manifesting for you over time. Once you set a new preference, love the fact that you have set it into motion, and then get excited about how it will arrive. See it coming to you, and don’t entertain thoughts for very long that may cancel your “order.”

I love to define my preferences, and I love knowing that the Law of Attraction is the delivery system I can count on to bring it to me. I have preferences set for my job, my mate, my art, my car, my pets, my living spaces, my body, my friends, and the list goes on and on. It’s fun to get to decide on all of these. When something isn’t working anymore, I get to imagine it in a better light, and I get to enjoy the coming improvement. I get what I prefer as long as I don’t cancel the order. How FUN! What are you ordering from the Vibrational Universe today? What do you prefer your life to be like? Put that order in and have fun today while the order is processed. Before you know it it will be on your door step. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you liked this post!  Lisa-GP

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    1. Billy says:

      Thanks for simplifying the process, Lisa! It’s a great way to think about LOA.

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