Practice Your Allowing Through Stretching!

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Hello Everyone! I was doing my yoga routine this morning and came to a new understanding of how allowing works. Remember that the Law of Attraction (LOA) works in a three step process: You Ask (automatic), Source Answers (not your work), and You Align With The New Vibration (your work, and only your work, and your only work!). I talked about this in a past post. You can read that post by clicking HERE if you like. I added a step to the three-step process ’cause I think people need to relax more and let themselves feel good while doing this. These were my “new” steps to make Law of Attraction work for you:

1A. You Ask (automatic through living on planet Earth)

1B. Make Peace With Where You Are, Who You Are, And What You Have. (your business)

2. Source Answers (not your work)

3. You Align With The New Vibration (your work, and only your work, and your only work!)

Yet today, I had a new insight. You can do this even sitting at your computer. I was doing yoga, and I went into a pose and was holding it. Sometimes I go really deep into the pose, and sometimes I go in just enough to notice a little resistance in my muscles. When I go really deep, it can really hurt. If I go in just a bit, it is more of a dull sensation, and not really painful. Now, I decided today to just go into a stretch only enough that I noticed a little amount of resistance or sensation. As I noticed the resistance (step ONE A), I stayed there and changed my focus to my breathing and away from the resistance (step ONE B) and then affirmed that Source Energy had created a new me that had no pain in this stretch (step TWO), and then I noticed the resistance disappear! (step THREE). So in little more than 20 seconds I went from feeling resistance, relaxing and making peace with me, and allowing the new me without the resistance. Yoga actually means “union” and is a practice for going in and understanding yourself and the Universe better.  It is supposed to be a path to wellbeing and expansion. Now I get it! And it’s not about stretching farther than I can. It’s about going to my edge and expanding with joy where I am. WOW!

If you have things in your life that you can’t figure out how to allow, why not practice allowing smaller things, and then work on up to the bigger things? This stretching/yoga (I’ll call it a meditation) technique gives you almost instant gratification, and works on exactly the same laws that create and allow more friends, cars, relationships, prosperity, ocean-front homes, and the like. Get good at allowing wellness in the here and now, and the bigger things will be on the way very soon. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you liked this post!  Lisa

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    1. Lee says:

      What I want to know is, what pose were you in? As we know, different poses in yoga mean different things, and activate different areas of the body, ergo different facets of our consciousness, spirituality, connection, etc. It would be interesting to know what “part” of you released so you could receive this great revelation!
      I always enjoy your posts, Lisa!

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