Defining Prosperity: When Are You Really Rich?

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Chris is the Managing Editor of Gratitude Planet and can be found most days enjoying the Southern California weather and waves.

At Gratitude Planet, we pride ourselves on being helpful to our readers, and we strive every day to make a positive difference in the quality of life on planet Earth. You can find a whole lot of posts on Gratitude Planet about the Law of Attraction (L of A), as well as tips on allowing and enjoying the life you want, deserve, and are manifesting. But there haven’t been a lot of specific posts on GP on the “prosperity” part of “Law of Attraction Tips for Wellness and Prosperity.” I would guess that many of our readers would like to expand their ideas and beliefs around money, and would like to have more of the green stuff in their wallets, checkbooks, and college funds. There is nothing wrong with wanting to attract and allow more money into your experience, and using the Law of Attraction to improve your focus is a great way to become more prosperous. There are several questions tied to this discussion:

1. What is prosperity, and how will you know when you have it?

2. Why do you want prosperity, and what will you do with it?

3. What will being prosperous feel like?

Question one has a simple answer on the surface: prosperity is money, and I’ll know by the bottom line on my bank statement. It is true that prosperous people are often monetarily rich, and it is also true that it is hard to think of prosperity apart from income. But haven’t you met some very rich people who feel poor? Haven’t you observed happy people who have next to nothing? It can be said, then, that feeling prosperous is a relative thing indeed: for some people, no amount of money will make them feel prosperous enough to be happy. Maybe prosperity comes in other forms as well, and perhaps prosperity can be better defined as being happy with what you have, while expecting more to flow to you. Maybe prosperity consciousness is all about being rich in thought, action and feeling, and allowing the riches to flow through many varied channels. You will know you have it because you will be living a life that is rich in gifts, and you will be open to happily receiving these gifts in each moment.

Why do you want to be prosperous, and what will you do with it? This is a harder question for many people to answer. Can you answer it off the top of your head? From a young age we have been conditioned to chase after money, and many of us can’t even say what we want the money for. Sure, you can pay bills, buy a better car, and live in a better house…but when all this is done, then what? Why do you want it? Will you help others with it? Will you give some away? Will you will it to your kids? There is no right answer, but what ever your answers are will give you insight into the motivation behind your pursuit of monetary prosperity. Focusing on the good that the money can ignite can help it flow to you more easily into your experience. Broadening your definition of “prosperity” to include any gift that makes your life richer can also help more of it flow to you effortlessly.

What does it feel like to be prosperous? I immediately think of the word “freedom.” I think many people want to be rich so that they can be free to live as they choose. But as I stated earlier, there are many “rich” people who do not feel free. In fact, big dollars often come with problems that are just as big. Some very wealthy people have no time to enjoy their money, and they constantly strive to arrive at a place in time where they can finally relax into their prosperity. There are also unhappy poor people, I know. But the saying that “money can’t buy love or happiness” does hold some truth. I believe that true prosperity feels like fun, excitement, richness, joy, love, passion, and bliss. If you are rich in thought, action and feeling, you are receiving prosperity in a multitude of ways: in the eyes of children…in the smiles of friends…in the job you do…in the beauty of music and art…and even in the majesty of a sunrise. A prosperous person feels rich and free, and they expect it to continue. A prosperous person knows that all is well, and if they want more green stuff too, the Law of Attraction can easily line them up with more money as well. It’s always about how you feel. Feel rich…become rich…in every area of your experience!

This post was inspired by the AMAZING sunrise I witnessed recently outside my house. I gave great thanks and appreciated the light show, and it felt like a living work of art was unfolding before my eyes. I wondered how many other people who were watching the sunrise were feeling as prosperous as I was. Just being there and receiving the gift of the moment, I felt like the richest man on the planet. It didn’t change my bank account necessarily, but it filled up my appreciation and gratitude tank to full for sure. I am grateful for the prosperity that allows me to live fully and love fully. What are the gifts of prosperity that are already in your life right now? Do you perceive them? Are you open to receive them? Do you give thanks for them? If you are, then you are rich indeed. Enjoy this most amazing day! Chris-GP


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      Thanks for the post, Chris.
      I feel more prosperous already!

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