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You surely remember the old saying “It is better to give than it is to receive.” I heard that phrase very early in my life, and I have always been interested in giving to others when I can. I think we all occasionally struggle with how much giving and receiving we should do, and at times I have been better at one or the other while trying to balance both.

When you give freely, and when you feel good about your giving, you set up an expectation within your vibration that Law of Attraction matches: you feel worthy and ready to receive. When you understand this give-and-take of energy and see it play out a few times, it can be tempting to work to give a lot so that you can be worthy to receive a lot. The problem with this approach is twofold. First, you are already worthy to receive, and your worthiness is never in question. You can feel more worthy or less worthy, but you ARE worthy. Secondly, receiving (or allowing) Source Energy and wellbeing is natural and not dependent, necessarily, on how much you give. You don’t give to earn your right to receive, and no one keeps score in some far-away vibrational database. The energies of giving and receiving are intertwined, but not in a “weight and balances” type of equation. But there does seem to be, in my experience, a direct benefit to giving and receiving freely as the opportunities arise. The key is not to give to make something happen, but rather to give because it feels good to give. Law of Attraction works its best magic when you feel good…so timing your giving can be important. Feel good first, and then feel better through your giving.

When I take my morning walks along the beach, I usually visit a coffee shop about three miles into the walk. It’s a Starbucks in a grocery store, and sometimes there are some very needy people near the store. Occasionally they will ask for change, but other times they just keep to themselves. This situation represents a great opportunity to see how I feel in the moment about giving. If I feel resistance to giving money, I don’t. If I feel open and connected, I do. On several occasions I started my walk and decided that I would buy some food at the grocery and give it away to the first hungry person I encountered. On each occasion, I couldn’t find anyone to give it too, and one of those times, I swear, the guy vanished. I realized that I was trying to do something that was not a natural unfolding, and I felt worse walking home with the food in my arms. Now I wait to see what opportunities the day brings to give and receive, and I move ahead when I am inspired, knowing that I will be in the right place at the right time always.

Finally, giving is not just about money and food. Giving freely can include giving compliments, smiling, holding a door open for someone, noticing a kind gesture, leaving an uplifting note, singing a song, answering an email, and a million other possibilities. Receiving freely might include being grateful and appreciative for compliments, smiles, doors held open for you, kind gestures, uplifting notes, songs you hear, emails you receive, and a million other possibilities. Giving and receiving are ways you live, not things you do. Expand your vibration to give and receive freely and often today, and enjoy how great you will feel all day. Enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris-GP


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