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Hi Everyone! I was thinking today about how we create our story every day. Life is a kind of movie set where we get to decide on so many things (really everything!). I want to take this idea and illustrate a bit how you might more effectively play the Director role. Law of Attraction responds to your vibration and gives you more of what it hears you saying. So when you experience something that doesn’t jive with your preferred version of your movie, it is time to yell “CUT!” and shoot a different version of the scene. I’ll give a few examples here of what I mean.

Leading Lady: Wakes up in the morning in bed, jumps up, stubs toe and says “ouch! I am so clumsy! One of there days I’m going to really hurt myself!”(Law of Attraction hears “I am asking for more pain today. I deserve it. This happens all the time. I am ready for a serious accident”)

Director: “OK, CUT! That was well-acted, and quite dramatic, but the line is ‘ouch! Well I can tell I’m not dreaming anymore. Today I’ll get all my clumsies out right away. It’s gonna get better from here, I can tell.'” (Law of Attraction hears “I am expecting this to be my last accident today. The day will get better and better. All is well”)

Leading Lady: Walks into the bathroom and looks in the mirror, evaluates appearance and says “This diet isn’t working at all! I look like a fat slob. Diets never work for me. I’m going to die fat!” (Law of Attraction hears “I am fat. I suck. Don’t bring me anything else except what I have. I am unworthy. No matter what I eat, don’t send me any evidence of progress. Death will be my only resolution to this problem.”)

Director: “OK, CUT! We already shot that scene over and over again. This is the plot twist where she realizes that things are going to change. The lines are ‘I don’t see a huge change, yet, but I know this new diet is working. I feel thinner, and I know every cell of my body is letting in the new, thinner me! I can’t wait to see myself tomorrow. Soon everyone will be able to see what I am feeling right now. Look out world, the new me is here!'” (Law of Attraction hears “I am expecting this diet to work. I will see a manifestation soon. I am on track to allow what I want. People will tell me I look thinner today.”)

Leading Lady: Interacting with someone in the grocery checkout line. Notices that the cashier is nervous and making mistakes. Speaks these lines to the person in line: “Look at this cashier. Is she stupid or what! Why don’t they train them better? How come when you are in a hurry you always get in a line with an incompetent cashier? I mean really, I need to see the manager. This is ridiculous!” (Law of Attraction hears “Bring me stupid cashiers. I attract untrained cashiers to me. I always shop in stores that don’t care about the customers. I’m ready for a big fight with someone, and the sooner the better. Bring me someone to unload on, please.”)

Director: “OK, CUT! Those are the lines of the person in the next aisle in another movie. This scene sets up the leading lady meeting her soulmate in the parking lot in the next scene. Can you play it a bit easier? Your lines are ‘Look at that cashier. She seems a bit nervous. I don’t recognize her. I bet she is new on the job. I remember when I got my first job, and I remember how it took me a while to come up to speed. She is doing the best she can. I appreciate that they have those scanners. It makes the whole process go by so much faster. I found some good sale items, and I am glad it will ring up with the sale price automatically. In a week I bet she’ll be zipping through customers. I always get in the right line, just by intuition. My timing is perfect today.'” (Law of Attraction hears “I am always in the right place at the right time. I appreciate people for where they are in life, and I give myself a break as well. All is well. You can bring me everything I want right now. I am ready and willing to give my love and gratitude to everyone, and I see and draw to me others who vibrate like me.”

The scenes are ongoing in your experience everyday, in every moment. Law of Attraction responds to your vibration and not your words, so it hears what you are feeling, and simply agrees with what you feel. Are you satisfied with the message you are sending to the Universe, which is being constantly matched by the Law of Attraction? If not, take control and redirect your scenes. You choose it all. Be Well, Marie

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    1. Lee says:

      Thanks Marie! I enjoy the dialogue of the director! Especially with the leading lady in the super market.
      Sometimes I find it helpful to let my inner director take me into a dream sequence. Sometimes the dream sequence whisks me away to a tropical island, where I find myself swinging in a hammock strung between two palm trees, sipping on a Mai Tai, or a Mojito while the island breeze rocks me back and forth. Other times, I go back to a time when everything in my life was simpler and less stressful. Then again, sometimes the sequence takes me to a place where every cashier in the store is quick, efficient and courteous, so I get outside to meet my dream lover in the parking lot, and we dash off to that tropical island together. LOL!!

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