Learn To Be “In Favor” And Not “Against” Things!

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It’s fun to be living on planet Earth, having a human experience and honing preferences for the experiences we want to attract and create. Every time you have an experience that makes you say “No, I don’t want to have that experience again” it is as if you reconfigure a “preferences file” with the Universe. Through this contrasting experience, the Universe hears your asking (vibrationally) and expands to match your asking, and then it becomes the new vibrational version of you…waiting for YOU to align with the expanded version of YOU.  All day, every day we are sorting through our individual preferences for what we want, and when we say “no” we really, really mean “NO!” It’s OK to feel grateful and appreciative for our ability to say “no.” The word “no” puts the expansion of the Universe into motion.

But for the Universe, there is no such thing as the word “no.” When you say “no,” the Universe only hears “yes.” But how can this be? This is because we live in an inclusion-based Universe. The Law of Inclusion dictates that anything that you give your attention to becomes part of your vibration, and then the Law of Attraction gets to work to give you more of it. In other words, you can’t push anything away from you and your vibration…if it has your attention in any way, you are magnifying it and attracting more of it toward your personal experience. In an inclusion-based system, trying to stop anything (drugs, crime, disease, poverty, etc.) only serves to intensify the vibration, no matter how well-meaning you are. So how do we address these problems, you might say? If you focus directly on the problem, there will always be the problem, and bigger problems like it. (The Universe hears “This is a problem” and agrees with you, and sends you more of it because you gave it your attention.)

Instead, focus on your mind’s highest image of a solution that does not include the problem. That last sentence is worth reading again. Remember that you can’t think about the problem without including, intensifying, expanding, and drawing more of the problem into your personal experience. So the key is to give your attention to thoughts and ideas of clarity, peace, wellness, and prosperity, rather than trying to rid the planet of drugs, crime, disease, and poverty.

But if no one works to rid the world of drugs, crime, disease, and poverty, won’t these things get out of control and multiply? Not in an inclusion-based Universe. The problems will dissipate and lose their energy as connected people all over the world act on their inner wisdom from connection to Source, and follow their intuition to promote clarity, peace, wellness, and prosperity.

What are you for, and what are you against? Now that you are more aware that you are actually for the things you thought you were against, how might you refocus your attention today? Just notice today, through your experience, what you have been asking for by observing everything you are getting. You have been saying “yes” to all of it, even when you shouted “no” at it. Be easy about it, and when you must say “no” just get off the thought and turn to something you can say “yes” to as soon as possible. Be for things from now on, and let them flow to you effortlessly over time. Enjoy this most amazing day! Chris-GP

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