Learn To Be More Agreeable With Yourself (Part 5)

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Today I am going to take the fourth agreement from the book “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz and relate it to my understanding of the Law of Attraction. If you haven’t read Part 4 of this series, you can click HERE to see it before you read this post. In his book, the author discusses how we inherit certain beliefs as we grow from infancy into adulthood. The beliefs we hold come to form the basis for what we call “truth” in the world, and our behavior is vastly shaped by those beliefs. We make an agreement with ourselves to call these beliefs “reality” and to not question them in our own minds. But if you adopt new agreements, replacing the old ones, and decide to guide your life by them, your can transform your life in a powerful way. Remember that the four NEW agreements are:

1.     Be impeccable with your word.

2.     Don’t take anything personally.

3.     Don’t make assumptions.

4.     Always do your best.

The fourth agreement, “Always do your best” seems obvious, but it has implications worth examining. Do you always do your best? Do you ever find yourself feeling bad when you let yourself down or when you don’t meet your expectations? Of course…everyone feels that way at times. But if you let yourself feel bad most of the time because you never give yourself a break, or the benefit of the doubt, you put yourself in a vibration that disallows your wellbeing. Law of Attraction works to align you with more of what you are vibrating, so feeling good is important to the process. Beating yourself up and feeling like you let everyone down creates a cycle where you attract more and more experiences where you appear to let yourself and others down. This Agreement gives you permission to accept your best, knowing that you will never be perfect. It allows you to apply your abilities as well as you can, and to accept that your best is all you can offer. if you still feel bad, and that you are letting yourself or others down, you simply need to ask yourself what your “best” would have been.

Sometimes our best doesn’t look great to the outside world, but the world can’t decide for us what our best looks like. Only YOU know when you have done your best. And if your best lets others down, you need to accept that you did your part to make it work. If you sincerely know you offered your best intentions and efforts, you can allow yourself to feel better and to allow your wellbeing.

These Four Agreements can help you leave old beliefs behind and move you into a better-feeling place more and more of the time. When you feel better, you attract more and more of what you want into your reality. Remember that Law of Attraction never stops, so it is to your benefit to feel good and be a magnet of wellbeing. If you have enjoyed this series, consider buying the book and learning more about these concepts for yourself. It has changed the way we interact at Gratitude Planet in a very positive way, and I know you will also benefit from adopting these new agreements into your belief system. Be well, and enjoy this most amazing day! Chris-GP

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