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Marie is a contributing author and technical assistant at Gratitude Planet. She loves music, fine wine, and great coffee.

Part of the reason that the Law of Attraction works so well is that it’s so consistent. When you focus on something for a little while, your vibration begins to shift toward the thing you are focusing on. All you have to do is pay attention to how you are focusing your attention. Stay true to your desires and don’t focus on the things you don’t want…and you are in the deliberate creation business! It’s a simple equation when you look at it: your desires + your deliberate focus = your reality. Of course, it’s not always easy to keep focused on what you want, especially when your present reality contradicts your desires. That’s the rub.

Recently, I have been asking for more clarity. I want to have thoughts that feel pure, actions that feel worthwhile, and inspirations that have a clear drive toward creative actions. I looked around my apartment and noticed that my surroundings reflected a present reality that was anything but clear and pure. There were things in piles, piles in corners, and corners that were unusable. This all happened over time, and I never even noticed how I got to this place of clutter and confusion. But once I recognized my desire for clarity, I had to acknowledge that my surroundings were a perfect reflection of the inner clutter I was experiencing over a long time. Of course, the desire for clarity came from the experience of the clutter…the contrast created the new desire, and so it’s all good. That’s how life unfolds.

Now I could have meditated on the clarity and pictured my living space in perfect organization until Law of Attraction inspired me to take action to change the environment. That works. But in this case, I decided to take action right away. In a sense, I was inspired to take this action, because I felt a strong desire to take it. Yet, in this case I really felt that changing the outer environment would help me stay focused in the new vibration of clarity. To be sure, putting the cart before the horse vibrationally is less fun than waiting for the inner vibration to completely align first. However, I felt I was well on the way to clarity with my vibration, and I decided to give my vibration a jump-start in the outer realm. I started working on the clutter.

Going through a house or apartment, for me, is like traveling through a time warp. Every item seems to hold an important spot in the history of my life, and letting go of anything requires an inner letting go as well. But I braved the clutter and allowed myself to make space for the clarity. I released a bunch of things that had been hanging around for years. I kept telling myself that I was creating space for my clarity. After a while, I got a momentum and got through the entire living space. It felt easy by the end. I had several huge bags of trash and a car load of items to donate to Good Will.

Now that things are uncluttered, my environment does not contradict my inner desire for clarity. It’s even easier for me to focus on my vibration, and the Law of Attraction can assist me more powerfully. I can feel the expansion of my desire, and I have an even stronger belief that I am manifesting my new-found clarity in every aspect of my life. I am grateful for the exercise of clearing out the clutter. You can do it too. Clear you vibration by clearing out the clutter in your living space. Start with a junk drawer. Do anything that feels right. Every little bit helps. Be Well and Focused and Clear! Marie

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