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I'm a classically trained pianist, organist, flutist and singer who is relatively new to the Law of Attraction. A very good friend and his wife introduced me to LOA, but I've seen it in action many, many times during my lifetime. I enjoy going to dinner, movies, concerts and shows, walks on or by the beach, good conversation and humor. Most days, you'll find me either practicing something, or loving on my cat.

Last weekend I celebrated a right of passage that many go through around this time of the year; I graduated from college.  And it only took me 27 years to do it!  The subject for how and why it took 27 years is for another day.  What I want to talk today about is illusions.

All the time that it took me to finally get to this monumental occasion, I had built up inside of myself a sort of vision of how it would feel to finally graduate from college.  Being a romantic at heart, I knew how it would feel, I knew how it would look, I even knew what it would smell like.  Yes, I know it sounds a little strange, but to me, graduating from a major university has a special smell associated with it. Some might say that it is the smell of all the beautiful Jacaranda trees blooming, and the other delicious smells that Mother Nature brings to us every spring, but this smell is different.  To me, graduating from college had a clean, sweet smell of success; and almost lofty aroma that lifts your very being to heights unknown to any other person but yourself.  The closer the actual day came; the more I looked forward to experiencing those sights and sounds, feelings and smells. I knew that they were mine, because I had focused on them so hard, and as I have come to know from the Law of Attraction, I knew that whatever I gave my attention to would bring me more of what I was thinking and feeling (and smelling) about.

And finally, the big day arrived!  Like any individual who has focused long and hard on a dream, I flew out of bed like a kid on Christmas morning, eager to greet the day and claim the prizes that I had stored up for myself in the Universe.  I raced through my morning routines and rituals like a gazelle so that I could get to the “good stuff” faster.  But when I arrived at the “BIG MOMENT,” that moment that I had been dreaming, thinking, and feeling about for so many years, I was met with……….nothing.  Well, nothing like what I had THOUGHT it would be like.

The place had not been transformed into the great Romanesque halls with the Ivy streaming down the sides like you see in the movies and on TV; there was no feeling of being elevated to heights unknown… there was no backlighting shinning down when I stepped up to receive my diploma…and no heralding trumpets to announce the entrance of the graduates.  There wasn’t even that special smell that I had waited and wished for year after year after year.  In fact, the whole thing felt kind of…….ordinary and mundane. I felt ripped off!!! “Hey Universe…..where’s my sights and sounds, feelings and smells???”

Before I go on, let me say that graduating from college was a wonderful experience!  It just wasn’t the experience I had hoped for.  I, like so many of us, had fallen under the spell of Illusion. I had fallen in love with the things that were not in alignment with Source, and thus allowed myself to be taken down the gilded pathway of Illusion where absolutely everything is possible, even if it is not practical or within vibrational reach. The result was that I felt unfulfilled.  “Is this it?  Is this all there is?”  It took me a couple of days to come to grips with the fact that graduation was not what I had hoped it would be, but I also gained some valuable insights into how the Law of Attraction and our own vibrational match points work.

Everyone has wants and desires, and this is what drives us to create new and better experiences in our lives.  Whatever that desire is, you must first take a look at how well you match the desire vibrationally, and then make the needed adjustments in order for your vibration to come into alignment with the desire that you have.  Since you cannot attract anything that is outside of your vibrational range, it is a futile attempt to try and attract something that, at least for the time being, cannot be yours.  It will only bring you great frustration.

The healthier thing to do is to start by reaching for something that is within your vibration. Accept the present with gratitude, and as you lift your vibrational range, all the gifts that are yours from the Universe will start flowing into your experience.  The campus of the school where I graduated from is a beautiful campus.  All of the Jacaranda trees around the school are in full bloom, giving off their sweet perfume.  I was surrounded by my loving family and friends, and I have many good memories that have been captured forever through the invention of the photograph.  I worked long and hard to get what many people have taken for granted, and that makes the moment all the more sweet.  I don’t need the Romanesque buildings, the Ivy, the heralding trumpets and that special smell.  I’ve got the real thing, and I thank the Universe for helping me get what I desired for so many years.

Maybe you too have fallen under the spell of Illusion at one time or another.  If so, I’d love to here your story!


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    1. Kirk Kirk says:

      Great testamony!
      I’ve started to practice the thought of being at peace where I am at and loving where I am at. It’s new and yet exciting for me. My illusion of the “want” and the feelings of lack that accompany it, now has me aware and therefore refocus to “Appreciation” for what is.
      I can now actually say to myself,”It’s your choice to stay in this negative vibration or you can make effort to move up it”. And it may take a few hours
      or longer before a shift, but OH WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

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