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(Editor’s Note: Today we welcome another contribution from Gratitude Planet Community member Lisa E. Miller. Lisa is a deliberate creator from Las Vegas who enjoys inspiring others through writing. We appreciate her positive words. Thanks Again, Lisa! GP-Staff)
This is a GREAT way to start your day! Try doing the following, it only takes 90 seconds! 
Close your eyes for a minute or two and just SMILE! You don’t have to do anything else…just smile. You will soon discover that it is impossible for you to have negative thoughts as you continue smiling. Any negative thought that enters your mind will cause the smile to fade, and you can eliminate those negative thoughts and feelings by smiling. You will also discover that soon your mind will come forth with images that make you want to continue smiling. As these images and thoughts flood your mind, you will feel a difference in your mind and body, your entire being will begin to beam with happiness and a feeling of peace and joy. Know that THIS is your true nature….at its core…that you are a being of unconditional love, of truth, consciousness, and bliss!
Lisa Miller
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    1. windsurfer153 says:

      I just tried this, and you are right lisa, it works. You can even END you day with it! thanks…pete

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