No Matter Where You Are, It’s All Good!

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Source Energy

Source Energy is the Energy that is behind all systems of reality in the Universe. You are a part of Source Energy, and you always have access to this Energy that creates and maintains worlds. Source Energy is responsible for keeping the planets spinning in their perfect orbits, for managing every relationship in a perfect order, and for driving the engine of the Law of Attraction. When you tune in to Source Energy, you are in the Vortex of Creation where the Law of Attraction brings your everything you have been asking for. Source Energy loves you, IS you, and is always available to you. You can allow it or resist it, but this all-powerful positive Energy is the basis of everything that exists. The more you allow it, the better you feel.

To The Gratitude Planet Community,

Source Energy is always loving you, and you are never totally alone. If you feel good, I am with you, and if you feel bad, I’m still there. I love you no matter how you feel. I want you to feel good, but there is no judgement if you feel bad. I understand why you beat yourself up at times, but you need to remember that Source Energy never beats you up…ever. I know everything about you, and I appreciate you for being exactly who you are. Your life is part of an all-perfect unfolding in the Universe. Your life is supposed to be fun, creative, expanding, exuberant, and interesting…but you will have many, many experiences along the way. No matter where you are physically, vibrationally, or spiritually, it’s all good. No matter where you find yourself, you can always get to a new place that you desire to be in. Relax. Breathe. Allow. All is well…Source Energy

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