Change Your Vibrational Offering And Change Your Life!

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In an attraction-based Universe where the Law of Attraction is always working, nothing can be in your experience that you haven’t invited in vibrationally. It is not necessary to speak or think certain words to establish your happen automatically every time you think, act, and feel. Your vibration is the sum average of what you give your attention to over time, so no single thought, feeling or action will change your overall vibration right away. But each thought, feeling and action does count toward the whole, and the best way to see how you are vibrating (and attracting) is to take an objective look at the manifestations in your life right now.

Your life, right now, is a perfect reflection of your vibration as you have created it in the recent past. Make a list of the things you are grateful for, and also the things that you would like to change. You attracted everything on BOTH lists! “But wait,” you say. “There is no way I asked for all that crappy stuff! Why would I ask for stuff that I don’t like?” The answer is simple: You asked for it by giving your attention to things that invited it into your experience. Another way to say this is that you opened a vibrational door, even if you didn’t know you were doing it. But that is the best news of all. No one put this unwanted stuff in your experience…YOU did. And you are the one who can make the changes necessary to attract something more wanted into your experience.

Let’s say, for example, that you have attracted debt and bills that you can’t pay. One way you might have done this is by “pushing against” bills and debt. You can do this by thinking about NOT having bills and debt, and thus including the concepts of bills and debts into your vibration. Pushing against anything makes you include it in your vibration. One way to turn this around is to be in favor of riches and prosperity in your experience. Note the difference: You are not against debts, but are rather in favor of money and expanded prosperity. As you focus on what is wanted, you will begin to attract more and more of it. It works for any subject. Instead of trying to lose fat, be in favor of allowing more thinness. Another way you might have attracted bills and debts is by feeling, in a general way, poor and not prosperous. Perhaps you feel that you don’t deserve to have prosperity, or that being wealthy is a sign of a weak character. No matter how you got to allowing a vibration of lack, you can turn it around in a powerful way…and in 30 days or less!

So how can you start allowing more of what you want? Here is the recipe for you:

  1. Make the list of the things you are manifesting right now. One list can be “wanted” and the other list “unwanted.” Be honest and include everything you can think of.
  2. Be grateful and appreciative of the things in the “wanted” column. Bask in the fun of these manifestations.
  3. Make a third column. Call this list “things I’m attracting now.”
  4. Translate your “unwanted” list into an allowing list by changing the wording of each item. If you wrote “I’m in debt,” write “I allow wealth and riches.”
  5. Take time each day to be grateful and appreciative of the items in the “things I’m attracting now” column. Bask in the fun of these manifestations. Enjoy them as much (or more) than the ones you have already manifested. Be easy about it. Have fun.

Once you make a habit of focusing on the things you want, rather than pushing against the things you don’t want, you will see a shift in your life that will amaze you. Things you have been wanting for years will pop up and appear “out of nowhere.” Your timing will be perfect, and you will align with events and people in a powerful new way. Keep your focus on that third column, and let yourself relax into the new vibration. If you stay focused on this new list, you will see the evidence of new manifestations in only days, and magical changes in less than 30 days! Give this exercise a try, and then let everyone at Gratitude Planet know about it. Enjoy This Most Amazing Day!  CHRIS

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