Does God Have A Plan For You?

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We often get asked how God relates to the Law of Attraction. “Doesn’t God have a plan for us, and if so, do we really get to choose our life’s manifestations? How can we manifest outside of God’s plan for us?” This can certainly seem like a contradiction: Either God is in charge, or we are in charge. But maybe there is another explanation that makes sense of it all. Here is how I have come to understand God’s plan for me.

Rather than use the term “God,” I choose to adopt the term “Source Energy” for the forces that are behind all things. I like using this term because it is not associated with any particular religion, sect, or ancient dogma created by humans over the years. I believe that Source Energy is the manifestation and power that religions have labeled “God,” and I believe that Source Energy is the uniting principle that connects everything in the Universe. Source Energy flows through everything, and it IS everything. You are Source, the computer you are using is Source, The Earth is Source, and even the smallest bit of matter is the embodiment of Source Energy. That means that there is nothing “outside” of Source: it flows through every plant, human, animal, atom, and molecule in the Universe.

So if God is Source Energy, and Source is everything, then we are really all God. So God’s plan for me can’t be disconnected from my plan for myself. When we have been told that we are “created in God’s image,” it is literally true. You are looking through the eyes of Source, breathing through the lungs of Source, and channeling the energy of Source always. Source does have a plan for you, by the way.

What is Source’s plan for me? It’s not specific…and it is specific. Here is what Source specifically wants for you:

1. Source wants you to feel good. It wants you to enjoy living and to feel the bliss of existing in this moment.
2. Source wants you to expand and bring thought beyond that which it has been before.
3. Source wants you to love and appreciate yourself just as Source loves and appreciates you.
4. Source wants you to ask for a better conditions, and then allow these conditions without any extra struggle.
5. Source wants you to be free, creative, curious, and open to new ideas.

But as you can see, the plan you inherit from Source is not telling you exactly how to act and behave. It is unspecific in it’s specifics. YOU get to choose how to expand, be joyful, and to love yourself and others. When you think, feel, and act apart from Source’s plan for you, you will feel the resistance and pain in your vibration and emotions. But always remember, you get to choose your focus. Another way to say this is that Source wants you to have the things you deeply desire, and is ready to help you achieve them. Align with Source and you will be in sync with the energy that creates worlds. You will know you are in alignment because you will feel better and better.

God’s plan for you is rooted in your desires for your own expansion and expression. Your life is the unique unfolding of that expression. Allow the joy of Source to express through you, and you will be fulfilling God’s plan for you…and how that looks to others in terms of the manifestation can take unlimited forms. You are Source Energy, and Source Energy is YOU! Enjoy This Most Amazing Day!  CHRIS

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