You Are Always In Perfect Timing!

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Hannya is a Contributing Author at Gratitude Planet, a fun and connected being, and an avid dog lover.

There are times that I feel like I have the worst timing on the planet. I rush to get around and become late arriving somewhere, or I work, work, work to finish something…only to discover that I missed a deadline. Sometimes there is no getting around the fact that a deadline was missed. However, I have noticed a connection to time and my alignment with it in the real world. When I take the time, usually early in the morning, to connect with Source Energy, the world seems to work better with me in terms of time. I seem to get things done ahead of time, or I find myself enjoying the work more, instead of rushing to meet a deadline. My timing, when I have aligned with the Universe, is pretty spot on if I do say so myself! So maybe time is not the enemy (if there is an enemy) but rather my own alignment with Source is my challenge.

Aligning with Source is not hard, really. It can be as easy as listening to your breath for five minutes, or doing yoga, or meditating for a little while. It can happen on a walk, or while you are looking at the sky. In fact, there are countless ways to connect to Source Energy as long as you have the intention to do so. The only way you can keep yourself from aligning is to rush ahead into the day or into a situation without gathering yourself in the moment. Take the time to slow down your conscious mind, and let yourself love the moment even more. Assure yourself that this is time well spent. It all works out.

Try this as an experiment. Do it one day, and maybe not the next. See if the day feels different to you. journal about how you feel during the day. See if you have parking spaces, friends that you just happen to connect with, or new and wonderful experiences that pop up for you. I know you will…because it happens to me all the time.┬áBe.Love today! Hannya-GP

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