What Do You Really Want?

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Sometimes we know we want something, but we can’t seem to define just what it is. You may say, “I want a new car,” or “I want to find a Soulmate,” but what are you really saying? Law of Attraction is a consistent law of the Universe that matches you with the energy you emit, bringing you more of what you have…not necessarily more of what you want. Can you see the tricky part in all of this? You only get matched to what you are emitting vibrationally, and not with what you think you are asking for. So asking for a new car often sounds to the Universe like “I need a new car because my present car sucks.” The Universe, through Law of Attraction, sends you more “crappy car” experiences over and over again. You’re asking for it, but really, you’re NOT asking for it.new-car1

So how does one use the laws of the Universe and Law of Attraction to ask? Actually, the asking is automatic because when you hate your car, you create a better one vibrationally. Your job is to try to get into the feeling place of having the new car, forgetting about the present car, and enjoying the feeling of having the thing you want. Obviously this can be a challenge, because your crappy present car is still in your experience. But if you look for things you appreciate about your present car, and stop feeling bad about it, you will begin to feel better about your car issues…even forgetting that you need a new one for a while. It takes very little time for you to turn away from your problems before the solutions will rush into your actual life and experience.

If you think about it, you are wanting relief, and you are wanting ease. Focus on the positive aspects of your present car, and then feel the joy of the car on the way, and BOOM, it has to manifest. That’s how it works. Pay attention to both what you are asking for, and also how you are asking for it, and be amazed how things begin to show up for you. If you understand this post, you understand almost everything there is to creating your life in ways that will thrill you for ever.

Have a wonderful day!  CHRIS

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    1. GP Staff says:

      Thanks so much for this post. It makes me think a lot about how I approach every day.

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