Affirmation Zone

This space is devoted to phrases that uplift the spirit. Read some, leave some by commenting, and allow yourself to fell better through the interaction with the essence of the words.

At Gratitude Planet we endorse the use of affirming statements, but primarily when used the following way:

1. Choose a statement that feels good to you, but not one that feels untrue to you. It needs to stretch your beliefs a little, but not be so far out of your own realm of possibility that you contradict the statement immediately in your mind.

2. Repeat the affirmation out loud or to yourself as many times as you can while staying focused on the good feeling it creates.

3. Allow the affirmation to attract another affirmation. It will pop into your mind effortlessly, and you will know you have attracted a good one if it feels just as good as the first, or even better.

4. Repeat the new affirmation, and see where it leads you.

5. Have fun and enjoy the energy these positive statements can bring to you. They can jump-start your day, or they can energize you when you have a disconnected moment. One word of caution, however: if you can’t find a thought or statement that feels good, just search your consciousness for one that feels a little better. In very little time you can attract thoughts that feel good, and you are back on track to allowing the life you deserve and desire. In other words, don’t repeat an affirmation that is out of your vibrational range because it will only reinforce your belief that you are far from where you need to be.


I am grateful for my full connection in this moment.  My thoughts attract Love, Beauty, and Harmony.  I am open to the highest and most blissful experiences that the Universe can deliver, and I am willing to allow the beauty of who I am to blossom through me now.  I release any resistance present in my body and vibration, and I forgive all, including myself.  I see and draw to me others of like mind.  Our experiences will uplift us all.   For this, and for so much more, I am grateful and appreciative. And so it is. All is well.

Enjoy! Hannya, GP Staff

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    1. GP Staff says:

      Thanks June. I am grateful for your comment, and I look forward to interacting with you at GP. Glad you liked the content. CHRIS

    2. June says:

      Chris yours is fabulous! Thank you. I see my life becoming a gift for everyone

    3. windsurfer153 says:

      I am open, free, connected, and joyful. My love flows securely and abundantly.

    4. Wayne says:

      I find focus and freedom in my thinking. I am open to the best me I can be right now.

    5. Lee says:

      I may not be the center of THE universe, but I AM the center of MY universe.

    6. Wayne says:

      I am perfectly in line to get my new job. Everything works out for me.

    7. Billy says:

      I don’t need to be like anyone else, I need only be myself. That is enough.

    8. Chris says:

      I see and draw to me helpful people who are connected to Source Energy.

    9. GP Staff says:

      I flow today with presence of mind and an open heart!

    10. Hannya says:

      Love surrounds me, light enfolds me, and all is well.

    11. Wayne says:

      I am love and I flow energy to my central focus.

    12. windsurfer153 says:

      I fill my body with light, love, and kindness. I am complete right NOW!

    13. Lisa78 says:

      I am full of light, love, warmth, bliss, and good vibrations. I make the most of this moment in time.

    14. Swaysey says:

      My love is an endless flowing stream of light and wellbeing

    15. Lisa78 says:

      I love knowing more and more about Law of Attraction…I might get this stuff after all!

    16. Lee says:

      From a commercial I heard:
      “Live the dream.”

    17. windsurfer153 says:

      I am expanding always, and I embrace this expansion with love and ease

    18. Marie Gee says:

      I choose to be the best me in this moment.

    19. Wayne says:

      I soak in the words I read and they become part of my raised vibration immediately…

    20. Wayne says:

      I see my life becoming a true gift to others.

    21. Chris says:

      All resources in the Universe are lining up to deliver everything I have asked for. I relax and let them flow to me now.

    22. Merrill says:

      (Inspired by Lisa’s post today)
      I am free to choose anything I want to be or anything I want to acheive.

    23. Jalus says:

      People may not change ~ but I can and choose too.

    24. Marie Gee says:

      I see myself as free, loving, joyful, and connected to others.

    25. Jalus says:

      EVERY action has a consequence. I choose only metta actions.

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