Ask Gratitude Planet UPDATE: Daughter’s Volleyball Skills!

She can also “practice” in her imagination. Have her sit quietly and “see herself” in her mind doing the skills with amazing grace and precision. Law of Attraction will not know that she is not really doing it, and will help her on the real court. Be sure she doesn’t visualize failures, but rather imagines herself being amazing.

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June 23rd, 2011 by GP Staff

Allowing Prosperity 101

Law of Attraction matches you with whatever you are vibrating, and you can’t receive your prosperity when you are so very aware of NOT having enough. But how do you feel like you have enough when you clearly don’t have enough? It’s all about feeling better.

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February 16th, 2011 by GP Staff

Daily Affirmations Can Be Like Thought Vitamins!

if you can’t find a thought or statement that feels good, just search your consciousness for one that feels a little better. In very little time you can attract thoughts that feel good, and you are back on track to allowing the life you deserve and desire.

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February 4th, 2011 by GP Staff

Give Attention To Your Intentions!

But Law of Attraction works the same way for big things as it does for small things. The main difference is how our practiced thoughts become more and more common in our thinking. Once you practice a thought long enough, YOU begin to believe it, and then Law of Attraction has no problem sending you manifestations to match the beliefs.

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October 14th, 2010 by GP Staff

Use The Power Of Sleep and Allowing To Increase Wellbeing!

Lie quietly in your bed and close your eyes. You should be ready to drift to sleep. Create a present-tense statement that reflects something you are going to receive while you sleep. Let it be one sentence that feels good when you say it.

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August 9th, 2010 by Hannya

Turn The Corner On Feeling Better!

Law of Attraction is a fair and consistent law, and it works even when you aren’t aware of it. All you do is think and feel and act, and think and feel and act, and then observe the results you get in your life. The Law of Attraction tunes into your vibration, which is the sum total vibrational average of your thoughts, feelings, and actions over time.

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July 21st, 2010 by GP Staff

Cultivating Self Love And Gratitude!

Being grateful and appreciative for the things in your life (as well as the things you know are coming soon) is the engine that drives your amazingly-unfolding well being and your ever-expanding prosperity. You may already have a habit of waking each day and finding reasons to be happy and grateful. You may already find it easy to see the best in any situation. You may be getting really good at using affirmations, and you may be able to add to our Gratitude Board with little mental effort. Good for you. So today we ask you this question: “Are you grateful for YOU?” Can you easily create a list of things that you appreciate about yourself? Are you able to give yourself credit for the amazing person you are today, regardless of the expansion you are experiencing today and will experience eternally?

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June 18th, 2010 by Marie Gee

Choose Freedom Through Gratitude and Appreciation!

Most people live within their self-imposed limits in terms of what they think, how they feel, and the actions that they let themselves take. Practicing an Attitude of Gratitude helps you relax into the flow of your life by letting go of your self-imposed resistance by using a habit of positive thinking. Through your gratitude and appreciation, you see evidence in your experience of things working out for you. You feel the pride of good news in your life. You take action in a secure knowing that things can go your way, and probably will work out for you in a positive way.

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March 11th, 2010 by Marie Gee

Your Life Is A Beautiful Experiment Of Creation!

It’s a great scientific experiment, really. The constants are the Law of Attraction and Source Energy. The variables are your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Change the variables to see the effect on your life. You don’t need to control for the constants! They don’t change at all. You have complete control of the variables but you may have patterns of thinking, feeling and acting that no longer serve you. If your life is not changing to be more like what you want it to be, you have to change the variables of the scientific equation: your thoughts, feelings, and actions. These together add up to your Point of Attraction which is the REAL message and variable of the equation.

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February 21st, 2010 by Hannya

Love You, Love The World!

With Valentines Day coming this weekend, everyone is thinking, feeling, and talking about how the energy of love moves in and out of their life. I want to offer some loving statements for you to ponder. I am ready to let more love and joy into my life, and I know you probably feel the […]

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February 12th, 2010 by Hannya