Cultivating Self Love And Gratitude!

Being grateful and appreciative for the things in your life (as well as the things you know are coming soon) is the engine that drives your amazingly-unfolding well being and your ever-expanding prosperity. You may already have a habit of waking each day and finding reasons to be happy and grateful. You may already find it easy to see the best in any situation. You may be getting really good at using affirmations, and you may be able to add to our Gratitude Board with little mental effort. Good for you. So today we ask you this question: “Are you grateful for YOU?” Can you easily create a list of things that you appreciate about yourself? Are you able to give yourself credit for the amazing person you are today, regardless of the expansion you are experiencing today and will experience eternally?

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June 18th, 2010 by Marie Gee

If You Want To Help Others, Get Connected To Source First!

When you take the time to focus yourself into your connection, you become a beacon of light radiating out in every direction. You become a transmitter of connected vibrations. You enter the Vortex of connection. You attract unto yourself, through Law of Attraction, others who are ready to be connected as well. Your greatest gift to give to others is your own centered connection. And through your connection, your gratitude and appreciation will be magnified as well.

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May 4th, 2010 by Hannya

Tips For Getting and Staying In The Vortex!

There will always be moments where you are outside the vortex and experiencing some kind of contrast, and that’s OK. It’s all part of being human. But once the contrasting event has passed, turn around and head back to your full connection to Source Energy and feeling better. Here are some tips for making this happen for you.

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March 31st, 2010 by Hannya