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Law of Attraction Tips for Wellness and Prosperity

Law of Attraction Tips for Wellness and Prosperity

Welcome to! We are so glad you have found us, and we hope you visit us often. Our Staff is committed to giving you the very best on-line experience possible. We appreciate you, and your support of our Community.

What is Gratitude Planet? is an online community, Blog, and resource center for people who believe in, or are at least curious about, the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is like the law of gravity in that you don’t need to believe in it…it is always at work in all corners of the Universe, and especially in all aspects of your personal life and experience upon planet Earth. For resources and other websites regarding Law of Attraction, see our “Links” section. In particular, those new to Law of Attraction should know about the work of Jerry and Ester Hicks and the teachings of Abraham. ( The GP staff has found the teachings of Abraham to be very practical and expanding, and the concepts presented here are intended to be our personal understandings and expressions of this, and others, work regarding the Law of Attraction.

What is Law of Attraction?
According to the Law of Attraction, you attract life experiences to you through the thoughts you think over time. If you want to allow a new or different experience into your life…be it a new job, a more healthy body, a life partner, friends, more money and prosperity, or simply more joy and well-being…the best way forward is to feel good while flowing positive thoughts toward these goals. Gratitude Planet is here to help you get started so that you will be able to create and allow everything you have ever wanted.

What is the purpose of Gratitude Planet?
The number one goal of Gratitude Planet is to help you feel better. When you feel good, the Law of Attraction lines you up with the very best of what you are asking for, bringing it to you in a natural, easy, and often thrilling way. But when you don’t feel good, the Law of Attraction is just as busy lining you up with less than pleasant experiences. When you feel bad or disconnected, it can be difficult to feel good. Our goal is to help you feel better as a result of visiting us, regardless of how you feel when you arrive.

Why do I need to feel better?
When you live your day, you are interacting with many people and experiences. Some of these make you feel better, and some make you feel worse. Because feeling good (or better) is essential to creating the life you want through the Law of Attraction, giving your attention to people, thoughts and experiences that make you feel worse can slow down your progress significantly. By giving your attention to people, thoughts, experiences, (and even websites!) that make you feel better you speed up your progress toward the things you want.

How can Gratitude Planet help me feel better?
Simply stated, and its staff and members give their full attention to thoughts, ideas, topics, and energies that promote gratitude and appreciation in all forms. Gratitude Planet is a “feel better” zone where you can read information, blog, explore Law of Attraction topics, and meet and connect with others, all while giving your full attention to feeling better in the process.

Do I have to be a member of the Gratitude Planet Community?
The very best way to interact with Gratitude Planet is to be a member of the GP Community…and membership is completely FREE! You can leave posts and comments, read and contribute affirmations in the “Affirmation Zone,” go on a “Rampage of Gratitude” on the “Gratitude Board,” ask a question from your personal perspective and curiosity in the “Ask Gratitude Planet” section, feel better by reading our “Good News” section, and help others through your own positive thoughts and ideas.

What is the mission of Gratitude Planet?
Our Mission is to:
“Improve the quality of life for every human on planet Earth through positive focus, gratitude and appreciation, and positive interaction with the community.”

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