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Haven’t you noticed that it’s hard to watch, listen to, or read the news without being hijacked by stories about bombings, murders, shootings, illness, natural disasters, and the like? At we are grateful that there is also a lot of good news in the world. There simply are trillions of reasons to feel good on planet Earth. We’re also pretty sure that the news media finds the 5% of the bad news happening today and gives it 95% of the prime time coverage. We think this is misleading, and that this is why some people believe the world has gone crazy. Law of Attraction matches you with whatever you give your attention to. What if 100% of your news reflected the 95% of the good news out there? This page is for recent links to news stories that will make you feel better after reading them. And unlike some other “Good News” blogs with outdated local-interest stories, this good news will consist of links to the leading world news services, and will appear on Gratitude Planet the very day the stories post in the news. The GP staff will search for news items that will uplift and enhance your connection to wellbeing…so you can hear about some of the happenings in the world without having to wade through the pile of bad-feeling news. Happy reading…and we really mean it!  The Gratitude Planet Staff

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    1. GP Staff says:

      Juno probe heads for Jupiter from Cape Canaveral: The Juno spacecraft will cruise beyond Mars to put itself in orbit around the gas giant in 2016.

    2. GP Staff says:

      Antimatter belt around Earth discovered: A thin band of antimatter particles called antiprotons enveloping the Earth has been spotted for the first time.

    3. GP Staff says:

      Do You See What I See? Roses are red, violets are blue – or are they? The colours you see may not always be the same as the colours someone else sees… as we see colour through our brains, not our eyes. Neuroscientist Beau Lotto explains.

    4. GP Staff says:

      What’s the most beautiful place in America? “Good Morning America” set out to settle the debate.Thousands of photos poured in from across the country showcasing breathtaking views, true natural beauty, unique local landmarks, jaw-dropping landscapes, many with awe-inspiring stories to match.

    5. GP Staff says:

      Nature’s hidden prime number code: Prime numbers are found hidden in nature, but humans have made spectacular use of them, writes mathematician Marcus du Sautoy.

    6. GP Staff says:

      Trojan asteroid seen in Earth’s orbit by Wise telescope: The 200-300m-wide rock sits in front of our planet at a gravitational “sweet spot”, and poses no danger.

    7. GP Staff says:

      Good News About Jobs: Finally, some better news about the job market! The number of first-time filers for unemployment benefits fell below 400,000 for the first time since early April.

    8. GP Staff says:

      Double amputee to contest for 400m world title: Double amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius qualified for the athletics world championships, running his best-ever time in the 400 meters Tuesday in his last race before the cutoff date.

    9. GP Staff says:

      Apple’s record day: The consumer electronics giant set record after record on Tuesday, hitting all-time highs with its quarterly profit and revenue, its stock price, and with iPhone and iPad sales.

    10. GP Staff says:

      Dow’s best day of 2011: The Dow industrials staged their strongest one-day rally of the year Tuesday after President Obama indicated that lawmakers are closer to reaching an agreement on raising the debt ceiling.

    11. GP Staff says:

      Homebuilding leaps, led by condo construction: Housing starts hit 6-month high, permits rise too!

    12. GP Staff says:

      Top Ten Boardwalks in the U.S: National Geographic ranks the top boardwalks in the country.

    13. GP Staff says:

      Scientists find ‘better way’ to grow adult stem cells:
      A new plastic surface which overcomes the difficulties associated with growing adult stem cells has been developed, according to scientists.

    14. GP Staff says:

      Harry Potter film takes $168m to break ticket records: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 had already made $92.1m (£57m) on its opening day, said the film’s distributor, Warner Bros.

    15. GP Staff says:

      Scottish jobs market improves again, bank report shows: More people were also getting work and recruitment agencies reported a continued rise in demand for new staff.

    16. GP Staff says:

      South Africa celebrates Nelson Mandela’s 93rd birthday: His foundation has urged people to do 67 minutes of voluntary work on the day – to represent the 67 years he devoted to South Africa’s political struggle. The anti-apartheid icon is expected to spend the day with family in his childhood village in the Eastern Cape.

    17. GP Staff says:

      10 best cities to buy a rental property: Low home prices and relatively strong rents are expected to make real estate investors in these cities some healthy profits over the next few years.

    18. GP Staff says:

      Tips for the Ultimate Memorial Day BBQ: Follow these tips and recipes from top pitmasters and a great Memorial Day barbecue is guaranteed.

    19. GP Staff says:

      Let’s Work It Out: Apps to Get You in Shape for Bathing Suit Season.

    20. GP Staff says:

      Florida’s Siesta Beach named 2011’s best in U.S.:Shallow water, gentle currents off Sunshine State’s southwest Gulf coast lift previous years’ runner-up to top spot.

    21. GP Staff says:

      Congratulations on your graduation! Here’s a job. Champagne is popping on campuses across the U.S. but graduates have more than a new degree to celebrate: There’s better hope they’ll land a job.

    22. GP Staff says:

      Why companies are about to start hiring: The bright spot in a drab employment picture is that workers have been stretched so thin during the past couple years that companies are going to have to (gasp!) hire more.

    23. GP Staff says:

      California gets $2.5 billion windfall: California is enjoying an unexpected $2.5 billion spike in tax revenue, which could help the state close its massive budget shortfall.

    24. GP Staff says:

      6 apps to save you money on gas
      As gas prices continue to rise, these apps and sites are here to help — in ways that go above and beyond simply locating the cheapest gas.

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