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What are you grateful for today? It can be something as small as waking up refreshed, or petting your cat, or as large as manifesting something you have wanted for a long time. Share your appreciation with others by describing your good-feeling connection here.

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    1. ryan m says:

      thank you st anthony for helping my friend jared

    2. Kim says:

      I hope that she comes back to her with all my heart!!!!:)))

    3. harmonygrl8 says:

      I am grateful for the summer weather, for the time to be with friends, and for the love I feel for the Earth. Marie

    4. Kirk Kirk says:

      Right Now I appreciate my body for serving me. I appreciate the work it has done over the years in serving others. I appreciate it for serving me right now, in helping me achieve my goals. It is a wonderful servant and thank the maker.

    5. lee says:

      I’m liking the latest istallment of “images of gratitude and connection.”

    6. GP Staff says:

      It’s a beautiful day today. Thanks for your connected words Minoti!

    7. Minoti Thapar says:

      I am grateful 4 getting up 2day.. n seeing th wonderful morning.. going 4 my walk a time I promised 2 spend with myself..had failed 2 keep up 2 that 4 past couple of days..

    8. GP Staff says:

      I am grateful for this day, this time, and this moment. I find joy in the NOW!

    9. GP Staff says:

      Yes Sarah, so am I. It is the contrast that helps us want something different, and that gives rise to all new desire. It’s just part of being human, and I also am grateful for the balance of allowing and contrast. Have a wonderful day! CHRIS

    10. Sarah Sarah says:

      I am sincerely grateful for all of the contrast there is in the world always helping to give birth to new ideas! 🙂

    11. Lee says:

      I like the new “Images of Gratitude and Connection.” Two thumbs up!

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