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What are you grateful for today? It can be something as small as waking up refreshed, or petting your cat, or as large as manifesting something you have wanted for a long time. Share your appreciation with others by describing your good-feeling connection here.

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    1. Merrill says:

      Went to an awesome vocal concert tonight! We are so lucky to have such great talent right here in our own back yard. Congratulations for a job well done!

    2. Merrill says:

      Grateful for GP! This site is a welcomed oasis in the middle of a thirsty world.

    3. Lee says:

      I’m grateful for the audio affirmations on the front page! They’re AWESOME!!!!

    4. Merrill says:

      I’m grateful that I can be myself. And that that’s enough.

    5. Lee says:

      Greatful for bonding with friends, both old and new.

    6. windsurfer153 says:

      I am grateful for my beautiful family and the joy I feel just waking up in the house with them!

    7. Lee says:

      Grateful for time.

    8. Merrill says:

      Today, I am grateful for my little fan that keeps me nice and cool, my T.V. that keeps me well entertained, and my flute that helps feed my soul through music.

    9. GP Staff says:

      All is well and everything is in its perfect order. We see you connected, happy, and blissful. Thanks for the comment Evelyn! GP

    10. Evelyn says:

      I am grateful for the tiny spark of hope that tells me this will pass and I will come out better for it.

    11. Merrill says:

      Grateful for my family and friends who are so patient with me. Thanks guys!

    12. Lisa78 says:

      I give love and gratitude to everyone working to keep our environment clean and beautiful. You too Mother Earth!

    13. Lee says:

      I’m grateful for this beautiful day!
      And for the ability to live with the intention of being well and feeling good.

    14. GP Staff says:

      I am grateful for constant expansion and extended wonder!

    15. Merrill says:

      I’m grateful today, for my car that takes me wherever I need or want to go, for great musical directors who inspire us to give the best of ourselves and for the fantastic concert we had tonight. Lots of magic happened tonight!

    16. Lee says:

      The smell of Honeysuckle and Jasmine. There’s just nothing like it!

    17. GP Staff says:

      And I am grateful for your comment that made my day brighter! CHRIS

    18. Sara says:

      I am grateful for my beautiful view on this gorgeous spring day!

    19. windsurfer153 says:

      I am grateful for my girlfriend who always loves me even when I make mistakes.

    20. Hannya says:

      I am thankful for my breath as a connection to spirit.

    21. Lee says:

      I’m grateful for new relationships. I think I’m falling in love. : D

    22. Billy says:

      What an awesomely gorgeous spring day!!! Thank you mother earth!!!!

    23. Billy says:

      I’m grateful for the realization that it is never too late to get everything I want.

    24. Merrill says:

      Wishing everyone here on the GP a most Happy and Healthy Easter!

    25. Chris says:

      I am grateful for all the amazing people in this world who want to make a positive difference.

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